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    Mourad Oulid-Aissa
    Mourad Oulid-Aissa
    Adjunct Faculty, Information Systems and Technology at Kaplan University
    Dallas/Fort Worth
    LocationDallas/Fort Worth
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  • Professional Experience
    05/2010 - Present
    Leveraging industry experience in teaching Network Intrusion and Incidence Response; Computer Forensics; Network Security; Information Systems Security [preparation for Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)]; Web Servers and Security; Object-Oriented Approach to Programming Logic and Design; Database Technology; Mobile Systems.
    02/2008 - Present
    Emerging Technologies Applications, consulting, product management, application-oriented solutions to information systems security problems.
    08/2009 - 08/2010
    Coordinated math and technology academic programs following Florida and French Education Ministry benchmarks.
    01/2006 - 01/2008
    Commanded operations of North America R&D Center for Multimedia Business Unit while served as site manager for physical facility. Governed product management and strategies for emerging technologies. Targeted multi-platform productization, family of generic interactive applications coupled with fault-tolerant notification and communication platform for blended services.
    01/2003 - 12/2005
    Superintended worldwide product development tracks of media technology program, including creation and delivery of product for business connect, multimedia over cable carrier, and enterprise solutions. Launched development program in startup mode from scratch. Pioneered formation of 1 general availability release, and 2-3 parallel biannual releases. Engineered all developmental phases of software innovations. Administered several budgets totaling $4M-$12M. Mentored up to 10 technology teams, including 150+ engineers in 7 locations worldwide.
    04/1999 - 12/2002
    Restructured Boca team to include groups, charters, management leads, and clear delineation of all operational responsibilities. Team size grew from 40 to 150+ in 1 ½ year.Led complex Softswitch development program from analysis to customer beta; deployed in US and International accounts. Softswitch product is based on next-generation, fault-tolerant clustered platform, open-system, universal architecture; represented pioneer application of commercial hardware in design and realization of secure high-availability service-delivery platform, carrier-grade uninterrupted upgrades, extendibility and scalability features.
    10/1997 - 04/1999
    •Coach and Team Leader of product team (15 mbers) chartered with proof of concept, then delivery into product of VoIP solution based on multi-tier call-signaling and network services architecture.•Manager of engineering development group (10 mbers) responsible for implementing Network Services Manager (Web Server) and Databases for VoIP solutions.
    08/1996 - 09/1997
    Manager of CATV/Telephony development group (12 mbers) responsible for implementing and testing Connection Management & Signaling Subsystem, V5 Agent Subsystem, and Recovery and Upgrade subsystems of “CoAxiom” product.Designed Access network element on-board/real-time database subsystem for telephony/CATV applications. Designed telecom switch database and access procedures for ISDN Integrated Packet Handler.Designed new telecom platform real-time DBMS using object-based and distributed client/server concepts.
    06/1984 - 01/1991
    Acting supervisor of Database Technology and Planning Group in last 6 months with AT&T.Lead Systems Engineer investigating AT&T service needs and setting technological directions for network databases and call-processing applications, targeting about $1 M revenue savings per day for AT&T NS.Chief architect and lead Systems Engineer PM for No. 2 Network Control Point (2NCP) (went through full Development cycle, then was deployed in AT&T Network).
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  • Educational Background
    1976 - 1984

    • Conducted research in distributed database systems with emphasis on data modeling for multi-view applications, relational database design of distributed schemata and data allocation applications.• In parallel, was active in geometric modeling and graphics databases. Applications of data modeling and relational-database design to geometric modeling problems.• Taught Interactive Computer Graphics technology and variety of computer engineering courses.

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