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    Mrutyunjay Nagral
    Mrutyunjay Nagral
    Senior Credit Officer - Corporate Banking at Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait
    Bombay , India
    LocationBombay , India
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  • Professional Experience
    12/2012 - Present
    Part of UAE Corporate Banking Team.Covering a portfolio of Large & Mid-sized corporate clientsJob function comprises of managing client relationships as well as working on credit appraisal and risk notes.
    07/2011 - Present
    Part of Corporate Banking Team with focus on Large MNC Corporates across diversified sectorsKey Functions include :Credit & Risk AnalysisFinancial Analysis.Risk Appraisal.Funding Assessment.
    12/2010 - 08/2011
    1. Covering clients upto Rs. 10,000 Mio of Revenues across diversified sectors2. Preparing Detailed Credit Appraisal and risk notes for approval of committees in case of Annual Review as well specific Deal Transaction purposes3. Underwriting and periodic monitoring of credit / risks for establishing the appropriate balance of risk and reward with client base and ensure effective exposure management through application of accounting & financial modelling skills4. Credit Rating in accordance with the bank’s Internal Risk rating policies and aligning the same with CRISIL, CARE and ICRA ratings thus enhancing Asset Quality Evaluation
    10/2010 - 12/2010
    Promoted to 'Associate' level with the same business function
    12/2007 - 10/2010
    1. Covering Engineering and Construction, North America 2. Preparing Detailed Credit Appraisals for approval of Industry Heads for Annual Review as well Deal Transaction purposes3.Underwriting and periodic monitoring of credit / risks for establishing the appropriate balance of risk and reward with client base and ensure effective exposure management through application of accounting & financial modelling skills4.Ensuring that appropriate level of due diligence and risk tolerance is applied in credit decision making5.Credit Rating in accordance with the bank’s Internal Risk rating policies and aligning the same with S&P & Moody’s ratings thus enhancing Asset Quality Evaluation6.Coordinating with:a.Global Investment Bank and syndication desk to achieve growth objectives while optimizing the use of capitalb.Colleagues in the larger Corporate Debt Products team in the United States to help BOA (BANA) negotiate and structure credit facilities7.Computing enterprise and firm valuation by applying various forecasting, peer comparison and market valuation approaches8.Presenting financial / industry analyses using financial projections and complex models9.Monitoring all elements of the bank’s credit & trading exposure to clients in the continental United States to ensure optimum utilisation of capital through exception and utilisation reports10.Ensuring Periodic compliance to Legal documents viz; Credit agreement, commitment letter, guarantee and security valuation and agency management
    11/2006 - 12/2007
    Functional - 1.Covering Distressed Assets Portfolio , Aerospace & Defence for North America2.Supporting the Corporate Banking Managers with appropriate financial and industry analysis as apart of credit appraisal process thus establishing the appropriate balance of risk and reward with ensure effective exposure management.3.Underwriting and monitoring credit / risks.4.Possess experience of Migrating Complex Processes from Manila and New York.5.Trading Profit and Loss Report – Analysis & Commentary Supervisory - 1.Pro-actively suggest and design improvements in process workflow2.To understand, follow & demonstrate compliance with all relevant internal & external rules 3.Mentor subordinates and team members to enable them enhance their deliverable standards.4.Train subordinates and team members in the area of products and process to enhance growth and development.5.Assist in the process of recruiting new analysts
    01/2007 - 11/2007
    Corporate Finance, International Finance, Financial Management
    02/2001 - 09/2004
    Key Deliverables: Covering SME and large corporate clients across diversified sector for Western zoneCustomer Profitability evaluation using complex EVA/EP Models across Product Lines viz. Loans, Overdrafts, Forex, Structured Products, syndicated credit facility, structured finance and ECBs.Assisting Relationship managers with inputs on Credit rating, KMV EDF, Industry Analysis, Company short/long profile, Peer Competitor analysisCredit assessment of new clients sourced by the Relationship Managers using MPBF modelsDetailed Industry, Financial, Business and Management analysisSetting up credit lines for for various facilities viz; Working Capital/Term loan, LCs, Treasury and Cash management linesDocumentation of securities, stock & receivables reports, renewals of insurance policies, safe custody of security documentsCredit Rating and Asset Quality EvaluationNPA Compliance and reporting in accordance to RBI Norms and PoliciesProcessing & Operations of Corporate Loans/AdvancesStipulating covenants, risk triggers and minimum pricing for credit facilities and regularly monitoring the same. Compilation of MIS, Annual Operating Budget reports for Corporate Banking Division – Western IndiaOccasionally assisting Relationship Managers with Plant/Factory visits and compilation of visit reports
    01/2000 - 01/2004
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  • Educational Background
    2004 - 2006
    2004 - 2006

    Extra-activity: Topper for Finance Stream, Winner of various Inter-collegiate events, Organised State level management events for the institute

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