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    Muhammad Aamir
    Muhammad Aamir
    Associate Manager Export Services at Getz Pharma (Pvt) Ltd.
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    01/2011 - Present
    Major Responsibilities:Forecasting, demand management and analysisDistribution and Inventory ManagementExport Distributor Claims and Debit Note settlementsActive participation in New Products commercializationTender BusinessExport Distributors AgreementsEx-Distributor & Ex-Factory Sales Management and expenses analysisInitiate, lead and analyze the annual strategic planning process of Sales, Advertising & Selling Promotion Budget Incentive policies evaluation, approvals and timely Incentive Payouts to the Field Force.TDAP subsidy claims and FPCCI Award projectsCoordination and communication with Business Management, Sales Force, Distributors, Business Development, Supply Chain / Planning, Finance and Regulatory Affairs departmentsKey Achievements:With the collaboration of IT department, successfully developed and implemented Web Based Ex-Distributor Sales reporting at multiple levelsWith the collaboration of IT department, successfully developed Export Distributor Order Automation tool for accurate demand management as per the agreed inventory management (implementation in process)Developed multiple SOPs (e.g. Ex-Distributor Sales Forecast & demand management protocol, Insurance Claims launching, promotional material dispatches, for smooth business environment etc.)
    11/2008 - Present
    SIZA INTERNATIONAL Pvt Ltd, Lahore Pakistan (Head Office & Field Work).Responsibilities: Base in Head Office Lahore and controlling Bann, Lakki & Karrak Sales territories as well as the Field Manager and their 3 Medical Information officers are reporting me in products marketing and sales. Also includes:•Participant in organization sales and marketing polices and strategies.Arranging seminars, round table discussion, and scientific product presentation for health professionals.Communicating competitors’ activities reports to head office.Creating awareness about the assigned products, highlighting its key features and benefits.Control and handle the distributions of products and supplies.To achieve the sales targets and generate revenue for organization.Run customer’s loyalty programs.To keep a vigilant eye on competitors marketing and sales promotional activities, and their best management practicesAchievements:Area of sales expend on effectively team management. And hand over me the total Bannu region for sales products supplies and distributions.Idea of daily sales 0f customers and their chemists (sakes outlets) format was highly appreciate by board of directors and also applied in other sister companies LMI (Lahore Medical Instruments) Pvt Ltd, and in Razee Therapeutics Pvt Ltd.Management of SIZA INTERNATIONAL Pvt Ltd gives permission to take admission in supply chain management diploma in PIM Lahore campus.
    01/2009 - 12/2010
    Managing the Sales Analysis function of Marketing Services Department.Responsible to generate different productive ex-distributor sales analysis on National, Business Unit, Product, Regional, Area Territory and Town levels.Generate a monthly comprehensive report including PKPI analysis under the supervision of Director Sales & Marketing and Director Commercial ServicesPrepare Promotional Expense analysis vs budget and actual sales on monthly basis.Preparation and Compilation of annual Sales and Promotional Expense Budgets. Actively participate in all exercises, coordination with concerned departments etc. Arrange sessions with Sales Management to split the sales budgets at territory level.Incentive policy development, financial evaluation, field force incentive computation through oracle based system and payouts.Organize Refreshers and Training sessions for Marketing and Sales department to give awareness about the processes and systems for smooth working environment.Simultaneously worked on Sales Force Automation ProjectDevelopment and implementation of web based Sales Force Automation system consist of all target doctors and customers information.Successfully developed and implement the project of field force Daily Call Reporting through SMS (Short Message Service) consist of following responsibilities:- Gather business requirement project scoping- Coordinate with IT department for the development- Development and implementation of new services - Development of required reports for management analysisCurrently working on International Business (18 countries) Sales Automation Project to provide multi-dimentionaly sales analysis to the management.ACHIEVEMENTS:Development and implementation of Sales Force Automation project consist of more then 18000 country wide doctors' information.Field Force Daily Call Reporting system development and implementation for real time reporting and analysis
    02/2006 - 12/2008
    Major Responsibilities:Ex-distributor sales analysis on National, Business Unit, Product, Regional, Area Territory and Town levels thorough oracle based system and web based reporting.Development & circulation of comprehensive sales highlight report including PKPI analysis under the supervision of Director Sales & Marketing and Director Commercial ServicesArrange sessions with Business and Sales Management to split the sales budgets at territory level.Completely involved in the whole incentive process i.e. policy development, financial evaluation, field force incentive compilation through oracle based system and disbursements.Distributors Stock Replenishment as per the standard company policyKey Achievements:Developed a Getz Sales Web User Guide for all the concerned to provide and operate the different analytical reportsWith the collaboration of IT department, successfully developed and implemented Stockiest Order Automation module for accurate order demand management as per the agreed inventory level
    04/2007 - 07/2008
    Ferozsons Lab Ltd, Pakistan. (Bannu Base)Responsibilities:•The key duties focused on products of Gastro Group Marketing and sales in assigned area.•Handling the Above 150 customers (doctors) and more then 300 retail outlets (Medical stores) products (To generate Sales & Revenue for the Organization).•To handle the distribution and a strength team of sales, in Base town and in the assigned additional territories.•Provide Products related basic information and successful studies to customers and making product superior then competitors.•Arranging effective products presentation to doctors and taking business.•Making sales analysis on weekly and monthly basis.•Directly reporting sales and distribution manager and submitting daily sales reports.•Achieve targets.•To keep vigilant eye on competitors activities.Achievements: •Management appreciates my competitor activity information and my Product knowledge.•I was the best performer in quarterly meeting in presentation, products knowledge and the market knowledge.•I double the sales of my group products in my assigned area as previous.
    12/2005 - 01/2007
    Responsibilities:•To handle the Alpha-3 Gastro Group products marketing and Sales.•To control the 180 customers (doctors) and retail outlets•Managed the distribution and stockiest and implementing marketing, customer’s care and distribution strategies in my areas.•Handling sales promotional material in designated area.•Making sales analysis on weekly and monthly basis.•Directly reporting sales and distribution manager and submitting daily reports.•Handling stock inventory and sales demand in assigned area.•Check and balance of stock and cash. •Achieve targets.•To keep a vigilant eye on competitors marketing and sales promotional activities.•Arranged products presentation, customer’s loyalty programs and sponsoring them to educational and academic programs to foreign countries.Achievements:•Achieved incentive every quarter end on sales.•Top performer in gathering information about the customers profiles in September 2007.•Successfully arranged presentations on “Mibs” product, “Uniferon & Ribzole” and “Lipiget” and assigned areas. •Successfully manage the customer’s loyalty programs like “Risek Drawing competition” in Bannu Cantt in August 2006.•Top competitors sales promotional activities knowledge
    02/2005 - 01/2006
    Worked in Sales Admin function of Marketing Services Department. Major Job responsibilities: Completely involved in the documentation processes of Sales Force Hiring, Confirmations & Separations and reporting as per the management requirement.Responsible for the processing & reimbursements of Product's Promotional Activity Expenses and as well as Traveling Expenses including all operational matters.Responsible to develop / maintain centralized database of field force information, and generate reports for management as per the desire.Key Achievements:Developed a comprehensive Ms Excel based field force database and customized reports.
    04/2005 - 10/2005
    Responsibilities:•I was Incharge and responsible for the introduction, distribution, and sales of Company’s products in the assigned area.•Evaluated future sales in areas.•Visit the doctors and convince the members of the medical profession on the basis of the research and the quality control, and visit the chemists and druggist in territory.•Sales and distribution of the company products.•Effective check & control over the net-work of distribution & supply, controlling and supervision the distribution and their respective salesman, medical/sales representatives.Achievements: •Achieve the “Negram” target first in regions.•Doubling the sales of “garden”, “Muscoril”, Products in areas.•Experience Certificate of Searle Pak Ltd.
    01/1998 - 01/2005
    Major Job responsibilities: Responsible for the development of data base for the analysis of Budget vs. Actual Sales, Expenses, Gross Profit & Net Profit reports on Product basis & Group basis and along with separate report on Sales Promotion budget. Responsible for Product Trial Analysis including Data Collection, Ms Excel based database development for more then 1000 volunteers and different reports generation from compiled data as per the management requirementIndependently responsible for the arrangements of all Head office meetings and individual visits of Head Office / Field Force persons through out Pakistan.Responsible for the arrangements related with the national & international society's conferences and symposia as participant and doctors registrations, stays, traveling as well.ACHIEVEMENTS Developed a complete Ms Excel based database and reports for sales vs expense and budget analysisDeveloped a ample Ms Excel based database and reporting system to compile all the different promotional activities expenses
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