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    Muniswaran Shanmugam
    Muniswaran Shanmugam
    HR Business Partner at GL Noble Denton
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    07/2010 - Present
    Kuala Lumpur; GL (www.gl-nobledenton.com) offers assurance, consulting and classification for the maritime and energy industries. GL serves a range of industries with a special focus on the maritime and energy sectors, combining its technology expertise and industry knowledge. Due to its in-depth knowledge and role as independent partner, GL facilitates a great number of standards and joint industry and research projects each year. It develops new tools, methodologies, standards and recommended practices to solve technical questions while reinforcing high safety and quality standards.To act as a strategic interface between HR and business units in order to proactively support and add value in the delivery of their business objectives. To provide advice and support in the development and implementation of key HR strategies and oversee the delivery of core HR programs and processes. To understand business units' requirement and proactively engage HR Specialist Team to develop HR programs that meet business objectives To ensure human capital strategies are implemented at the business units. To provide advice to business managers on HR programs, policies and processes. To maintain effective level of business understanding about the business units' plans and competition. To manage employee relations issues To work closely with management and employees to improve work relationships, build morale, increase productivity and retention. To provide guidance and input on business unit restructures, workforce planning, succession planning. To participate in special projects as and when required.
    01/2008 - 06/2010
    Green Packet Berhad (www.greenpacket.com) is an international technology company founded in Silicon Valley, USA listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. Our headquarters is now based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. We are a developer and integrator of solutions and value added services (VAS) for the telecommunications sector. Leveraging and enhancing our capabilities, Green Packet through our subsidiary, Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd or P1 (www.p1.com.my) – Malaysia’s first and leading WiMAX telecommunication company – is leading the way in transforming Malaysia into a regional and global WiMAX hub.•Management & strategic support - provide professional support and advice on recruitment to line and departmental managers, and advise managers on best practice recruitment and selection•Develop cost effective & creative recruitment solutions to attract appropriate level and quality of candidates i.e. recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), head farming, graduate hiring, social media and internal promotions and movements.•Established close contacts with universities, recruitment agencies, headhunters, free websites and association bodies as a alternative source of hiring.•Implement selection processes including interviews, personality questionnaires and various group activities.•Established and propose creative salary packages to attract top talent candidates including retaining existing top talents.
    11/2006 - 12/2007
    Responsible for all phases of the exempt professional level recruitment and selection process for a specific division/department, including sourcing, interviewing, and coordinating job offers/transfers (local & overseas) e.g. Bahrain, Spain, Australia, and Philippines.Single point of contact on all HCD support for overseas countries.To develop applicant pools, screen, interview and test applicantsResponsible in selection process such as advertising, reviewing, short listing and performing reference check Plays a strong professional sales role while recruiting, screening, testing and interviewing applicants for exempt professional level positions.Responsible for relocation coordination and exit interviews for employeesSeek out and develop positive relationships with internal and external clients to maintain a pool of qualified job applicants. Develop creative methods of networking and sourcing candidates.Negotiates compensation package with hiring manger and extends offer to candidate. Negotiates additional perquisite benefits as needed: relocation benefits etc.To ensure that benefit programs satisfy the needs of employees and all applicable government regulationsTo assist HOD on monitoring their staff performanceTo ensure policies and practices are in legal compliance and investigates and settles alleged grievancesReview the evaluations scores for probation employees to be confirmedConduct performance appraisal process.Compile data for employee's performance appraisal to proceed with salary review analysis and proposalMajor AccomplishmentsSuccessfully completed Green Packet building called PacketHub.Provide support in different HCD activities for GP group.Successfully supported recruitment activities for GP group (local & regional) and mainly fully supported P1 recruitment activities since beginning.Experience in crisis management.Implement Harrison Assessment profiling system.Implement online recruitment system.
    04/2004 - 09/2006
    •To provide HR support for operations by partnering with business managers to improve and optimize organizational performance through individual, group and organization development.To own and coordinate with various department heads on staffing planning/ budgeting. •To initiate and implement full spectrum of recruitment processes (local and overseas) with relevant recruitment channels which include but not limited to newspaper advertising and job fares.•To own, assist, administer and coordinate interview processes which include face-to-face/ remote interviewing.•To work with universities/ colleges in the placement of basic degree professional industrial trainees.•Responsible for all the administrative, financial, tax and logistic work for new and existing employees related to their relocation, benefits administration, salary and records, administration and liaison to interface with approved outsourcing agencies.•To develop and update process and policies for the hiring and relocation of new foreign employees.•Responsible to administer and organize international relocation of expatriates within budget and policies.•Responsible to administer and organize outsourcing agencies including moving, housing and transportation, children education, medical, tax advise, banking, recreational activities associations, work for spouse and etc.•Responsible in all new hired induction programs. (Local and Expatriate)•To resolve employee-relations issues; coach managers to settle work-related conflicts and methods of elevating performance, employee counseling and exit interviewing.•To provide the highest level of HR support and guidance to employees and ensure the highest level of employees satisfactions in return.•To develop, update and maintain all HR policies, processes, templates and employees’ benefits.•To develop comprehensive medical packages and work with insurance vendors on employees’ insurance coverage.
    08/2000 - 04/2004
    •Accountable for the recruitment and selection of employees for all categories of positions.•Developed selection tools for screening, testing and hiring the best qualified applicants from the recruitment pool.•Developed print and electronics media advertisement to create interest in potential applicants.•Established a monitoring systems to track staffing request, evaluation of candidates, preparation of offers and appointment of new employees.•Accountable for providing internal consulting to support management on all Human Resource related issues.•Created a strong working relationship with governmental bodies, customers and recruitment agencies to meet the organization's needs and objectives.•Responsible for all relocation of expatriate Agilent employees to work in Agilent Malaysia; e.g. Immigration and work permit administration, transfer documentation, relocation benefits administration, tax, children education and etc.•Responsible for all immigration and work permit administration to assure that all employees are working legally in Malaysia.•To administrate employees C&B including “Insurance and Medical packages”, “Dental & Eye program”, “Executive Health Screening packages”, “Employees Stock Purchase program”, “Company Salary Advance Program”/loan, “Education loan”, etc. In the same time, benchmarking C&B packages among the industries in order to be competitive in the market.•To act as the liaison officer between the company and external parties include labor department, taxation, etc. •To own and implement the company's in-house newsletter called “Agilent's Corner” and staff communication sessions etc.•Responsible for employees’ activities such as company uting, indoor games competition, Quarterly birthday celebration as well as community services.
    07/1998 - 08/2000
    Responsible for all aspects of recruiting and new hire processes.To counsel, guide and provide advises to employees and supervisors on HR related matters.To monitor and maintain accurate employee personnel information which includes payroll, annual leave records, job banks, career incentive, certification and other subsystems.To conduct human resources related analyses, research and prepare related reports for the management.To create a strong working relationship with governmental bodies, customers and recruitment agencies to meet the company's needs.
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