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    Muqorobin Muqorobin
    Muqorobin Muqorobin
    1. Data Services & Connectivity 2. Mobile TV, 3. International Roaming, 4. GSM MSC / Core NW 5....
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    01/2009 - Present
    •Provide technical support to sales team to present to customer (ISP and Corporate) about both International and Domestic Data Services and Connectivity such as: oGID: Global Internet DirectoGIA: Global Internet AccessoIPLC (International Private Leased Circuit)oLocal loop / Local Access i.e. E1, Ethernet which utilize Fiber Optic, Wimax and MicrowaveoMobile SIP VPNoMAH: Mobile Access HuntingoCUG: Close User Group•Provide technical support to sales team for presentation to High Rise Building (HRB) and Corporate customers about the wireline product such as:oFixed wired telephonyoTripple Play: Telephone, Internet and IPTVoCall Center solution•Translate the customer requirement to service solution. Closely liaise with backend office team such as IT Infrastructure, Network / Transmission Planning and Engineering, Product Management, Core Planning and Engineering, NOC, Project Management, CRM, Legal and Regulatory, IT Billing and REVA•Closely liaise with Domestic and International telecommunication infrastructure and Internet Upsteam provider to deliver services to customers•Arrange the service trial, deliver commercial service, and in the most of cases involve and coordinate trouble shooting in the operation with customers
    06/2006 - 05/2008
    •Establish International Roaming Agreement with roaming partners
    •Coordinate the IREG and TADIG test between NTS / AXIS and roaming partners
    •Support development of new Billing sytems and Data Clearing House for both 2G and 3G Roaming
    •Develop International Roaming Product Roadmap
    •Support development of RFP for Roaming Suit Product:
    oWelcome SMS
    oLocal Roaming Number
    oPrepaid Roaming
    oRoaming Short Code
    •Develop International SMS Service
    •Liaise closely with other departments such as Legal, Finance, Netwok, Billing and Marketing to deliver International Roaming Services
    •Liaise closely with Indosat as International STP Provider
    •Liaise closely with vendors to deliver Roaming Suit Product and International SMS
    •Main Contact and Member Information Manager for GSM Association behalf of company.
    05/2006 - 06/2006
    •Assist client (Hutchison CP Telecommunication) to setup procedure and process for International Roaming Services
    •Setup connection to International STP provider (Teleglobe)
    •Implement and testing International Roaming service in the network.
    05/2000 - 04/2006
    • MSC development and engineering
    oDesign and plan the expansion of MSC
    oIntroduce MSC specific design for GSM satellite to vendors.
    oDevelop sharing utilization of MSC for new NSP of ACeS (Malaysia and China)
    oDevelop traffic and performance of MSC monitoring.
    • As Consultant for MSC team of ACeS NSP in: Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and China.
    oSupport trouble shooting
    oSupport roaming between ACeS and GSM RPs
    oSupport O&M
    oSupport interconnect with other operator (PLMN and PSTN)

    • ACeS new product and Service Development:
    oDevelop Asset Tracking product
    oDevelop Tsunami Early Warning System using ACeS and GSM Systems
    oDevelop Voice Call Interception

    • ACeS Interdepartmental work
    oInterface with Billing team
    oSupport ACeS Business Development activity
    Contribute technical support for Business Development
    Introduce ACeS product to distributor
    Involve in the technical team, in the China project for ACeS to get Operational License in China.
    02/1997 - 05/2000
    •Supervise new MSC Installation and commissioning
    •Supervise upgrade MSC Software and insert patch.
    •Daily Regular Operation of MSC
    •Regular Maintenance of MSC – Backup MSC software
    •Routing Administration for interconnection to other operator (PSTN and PLMN)
    •Trouble shooting; especially solve the problem on the scenario call, either inter-operator or internal call.
    •Traffic Data Monitoring
    •Subscriber Administration in HLR and AuC
    •Liaise closely with Billing team
    •Support analyze RFI and RFP response from vendor and support vendor scoring process for broadcasting systems and CAS (Conditional Access Systems)
    •Produce Site and Facility Requirement document for Broadcasting Center installation
    •Produce S2M-MNO (Mobile Network Operator / GSM Operator) Integration Requirement document for:
    oCollocation of the S2M Gap Filler and MNO BTS
    oIntegration of S2M FZCO OSS/BSS and MNO OSS/BSS
    oIntegration Prepaid and Post paid Billing of S2M and MNO
    •Produce presentation material to Systems Design and Development Director.
    •Support product development team to review Mobile TV Use Cases proposal from vendor
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