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    Nayden Angelov
    Nayden Angelov
    Project Manager at Novell
    Czech Republic
    LocationCzech Republic
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    03/2007 - Present
    SLEPOS Project - For the last 3 years turned the "Cash Cow" project into a "Star". Took care of license and code cleanness issues. Reworked and modernized the architecture of the solution with the help of the technical lead. Prepared and implemented a successful technical development strategy for a smooth code upgrade and transition for existing customers. Streamlined and organized the license of the code. Introduced a GPL-compliant modularized "plug in"-logic system to allow the use of proprietary devices via proprietary driver plug-ins where necessary. Leading technical negotiations and cooperation with IBM IRES and NCR.SAP Appliance - took over the management and with the help of a small team of expert engineers successfully delivered on the winning server-application appliance pilot project. Delivered in 3x less the originally planned development time - a company record.Whistle-blow - informed about irregularities and non-standard practices and thus helped correct the structure of work, reorganize and make the OPS department more transparent and productive delivering on Novell's code of ethics.
    01/2006 - 02/2007
    PROLOGS solution second line support. A member of a 3-member solution team supporting customers like HP, GM, Canon, others. Daily communication with the corporate customers. Technical support of the PROLOGS solution and parts of the infrastructure. Solving problems the customers have with the application. Taking care no information has been lost during transfers; taking care no stock discrepancies occur in the warehouse; solving issues that may lead to discrepancies. Extremely time-sensitive tasks involving a lot of stress management. I consider a great achievement my fast adaptation to the new environment. I was able to adapt quickly enough to handle alone stock discrepancies conference meetings with customer representatives without any support from my team mates or the management in just two weeks.
    12/2003 - 01/2006
    On demand customer support. A valued member of the monitoring and second line support team. Proactive and successful in customer support, communication and cooperation with the customers, the other support teams and departments providing high-quality support and services ORACLE is respected for.I was good at adapting and quickly learning to work in a highly time-sensitive and stressful environment. The team valued me enough not to even allow me to move to another team according to my desire. I have daily worked on the production systems, databases and applications of global companies (many of which among the world top 500 companies) without creating any problems or making mistakes. Actively followed the solution of major customer issues even after transferring them to other ORACLE teams and kept communicating with the customer.
    10/2002 - 12/2003
    Crisis Management; Finances and Contracts management; Projects control; HR policies management; Services and Production overview & control.Developed and successfully implemented an overall change of the company structure and management routines. Dramatically improved the financial management (expenses decreased by 30-40% in 1 year), debt collection (bad debt fell by 60% in 1 year), contractual policy (bad contracts were reduced by 90% in 1 year), HR management (recruited the most successful salesperson the company had ever had), reshaped and improved the whole production & publishing process. Took care of the IT infrastructure and training of the personnel (at the beginning the company had only 1 computer connected to the Internet which was shared by the personnel; 3 months later all of the 12 workers had working PCs connected to the Internet).
    03/2001 - 09/2002
    Managing Staff, Cash flow, High-value documents.Developed and successfully improved customer-care policy, Cash Flow management, High-value documents management. Dramatically improved the level of customer care and satisfaction. Improved staff discipline, environment and satisfaction. Created a strong base of long-term customers. Reduced bad-documents issue to 0. Reduced documents loss to 0. Improved the image and financial performance of the branches in Usti nad Labem (where I recruited the manager-to-be) and Petrske Namesti in Prague 1. Created solid employee teams at both places.
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  • Educational Background
    2000 - 2005

    AAU was the perfect school to study Economic and Managerial theories at, with its flexible time-schedule suitable for working professionals. Most of the professors at the University are successful active business professionals sharing their personal experience and opinions. The curriculum emphasis was evenly divided between theoretical and practical learning. It was extremely useful to be able to study and have the advice of the top experts in the respective disciplines and at the same time immediately apply the knowledge in the real-life daily business.

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