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    Neha Bhardwaj
    Neha Bhardwaj
    Talent Acquisition, Marketing & Sourcing: Driving best practice in identifying, engaging and hiring top talent @nehab_nz
    Auckland, New Zealand
    LocationAuckland, New Zealand
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    Looking to start or build your career with one of New Zealand's most attractive employer? Start here: https://careers.airnz.co.nz/home

    About me: I bring 10 years’ professional experience across North America and Australasia, starting my...
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  • Professional Experience
    04/2012 - Present
    04/2012 - 04/2013
    Talent Community Developer with a focus on two key business areas : Direct Sales, Contact Centre (AKL) and Cabin Crew (International, Tasman Pacifis and Domestic for AKL, CHCH and WLG base).

    Swimming in the world of volume recruitment with a focus on capturing and utilising data and metrics, continuous improvement - processes, systems and tools, social recruitment, talent management and assessments (all things volume).
    02/2012 - 04/2012
    Supported HR Manager on all HR Related matters for IT Services, Finance, Property Services, Office of the CIO and Faculty of Law.

    Performance Development, Performance Management, Employee Relations,
    11/2010 - 02/2012
    Partnered with key business managers within Sales, Marketing and HR portfolio to ensure full understanding of their current and future talent needs. Developed sourcing and attraction strategies to meet the diverse needs of each business area with a focus on alignment with Vodafone brand values and business strategies.

    Built talent pipelines (internal and external) and nurtured these relationships through effective communication channels. Championed delivering a world-class candidate experience for all employees (prospective and existing) by devising communication plans that focused on creating brand advocacy and following.

    Kept up to date with market developments in recruitment trends and tools, consistently identified (and developed business cases where appropriate) opportunities for introduction of any tools, methodologies or processes that will contribute to the recruitment experience (e.g. increase candidate traffic, improve candidate experience or accelerate internal processes). Led the design and development of an online screening and assessment tool for volume based retail recruitment with a focus on reducing turnover. Project lead on Social recruitment, super-user for Taleo and SAP implementation, leading career events and candidate-care communication plans and designed, implemented ‘Retail Tool Kit’ for Hiring Managers in conjunction with other HR projects.
    05/2009 - 10/2010
    05/2009 - 10/2010
    Developed and led strategic regional recruitment plans for Ontario, Maritimes and New York regions (75 store locations) to successfully meet the ever-changing needs of the business.

    Helped develop, design and deliver a retail customer service and Sales training program (STYLE) that was launched nationwide. This entailed delivering regional ‘Train the Trainer’ workshops on Sales Coaching skills and new Sales and Customer Service model. In additional also led and facilitate training on Interviewing skills, employment acts, situational leadership and sales coaching. Conducted regular in-store visits to provide hands-on sales coaching, customer service and sales training to help increase revenue and customer service standards.

    Conducted regular HR audits to ensure compliance with HR standards and adherence to company policies in order to minimize risk and ensure compliance. Continuously monitored statistics to track recruitment needs, results and forecasts with a view to improve and update recruitment strategies as required.

    Acted as the labor market expert, providing current knowledge of the competitive landscape to hiring managers and regional supervisors. Led campus recruitment initiatives, to ensure optimal branding to graduating students and effective targeting of key talent.
    10/2008 - 03/2009
    03/2008 - 03/2009
    Proactively created, maintained, and presented pipelines of applicable candidates to Hiring Managers responsible for specific requisitions.

    Developed and maintained relationships with local colleges and associations, to ensure a consistent process that result in generating a qualified, diverse talent pool. Identified viable candidates using a variety of creative approaches, including online job boards, targeted Internet searches, alumni listings, professional association websites, cold calling, general and professional networking. Recognized and expanded on seasonal/market condition trends and related staffing needs. Attended industry related functions for networking opportunities and enhanced product knowledge of the staffing agencies.
    09/2006 - 03/2008
    Proactively established and maintained sourcing pipelines for anticipated staffing needs. Efficiently designed and implemented focused recruitment plans for mass hiring by organizing Open-Houses, On-Campus Job-Fairs and by actively participating at National Job-Fairs.

    Consistently filled large volume National account (Bell Canada, Bell ExpressVu, TD, and Hewitt & Associates etc.) roles in consistent volumes for Flex, Flex-perm and Direct-hire needs – 45 open requisitions at a given time. Managed and facilitated the end to end recruitment cycle for all roles to best match talent with clients’ business needs. Reduced the fall-off rate by more than 30% for a high volume national account by adjusting our recruitment strategy

    Hewitt & Associates - successfully managed a team of 50 contractors for a three month assignment with a view of developing and retaining qualified employees to meet the changing needs of our client. Served as the single point of contact for all personnel employee matters and provided on-going guidance to associates. Regularly tracked employee log-in times, time-sheets; responded to any billable staff questions and issues; counsel and termination requests; performed exit interviews and handled all performance management issues with managers and associates.
    09/2006 - 03/2008
    02/2006 - 08/2006
    Provided prompt, courteous customer service and technical support for DSL related queries - Broadband Helpdesk Specialist.
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