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    Nicole Grodesky
    Nicole Grodesky
    Internet Marketing, Social Media and SEO Obsessed
    Orange County, California
    LocationOrange County, California
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    Knowledgeable in Social Media channels, Google Analytics, Ad Word Tools and search engine optimization including researching keywords and writing for SEO. I am excited about strategically positioning and branding a company by implementing the...
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    04/2009 - 06/2009
    Promoted Alaskan Brewing Company's Coastal Code initiative through web content development and social media campaigns. Worked on RFP responses for the Orange County Transportation Authority. Designed new intern flyer for agency, Designed agency newsletter template, Assisted with agency's PROTOS award entries and edited them into case studies for the company website. Completed monthly reports for KOFAX software company, Compiled daily media monitoring reports for DeVry University,
    10/2006 - 04/2009
    Freelance Journalism and Photography Developed and organized stories for publication. Communicated and collaborated with the editor and athletes. Conceptualized and created storyline from start to finish.
    01/2009 - 03/2009
    Photographed special events for print and web publications. Tracked and compiled coverage for three brands both online and print. Created a final report on coverage for a specific initiative. Organized and edited press release information for a specific product collaboration for news worthy attention. Retrieved samples based on request from editors. Coordinated with public relations team for special events. Generated feature article for company newsletter.
    07/2008 - 01/2009
    Assisted the preparation and operation of company events. Administered guest check in and developed guest relationships. Expedited photographs for website. Generated interviews and content for new website.
    10/2008 - 12/2008
    Outlined and executed a strategic plan to increase awareness. Developed a media list, conceived solicitation packets for donations and press kits for press coverage. Introduced self publishing blog to client and established a blog site.
    Write press releases, features for company news letter, track coverage and create coverage reports, pull and ship articles to major editors.
    Group Y is a gathering of marketing and communications professionals who meet once a month to network and socialize. Members are all invited and are involved in action sports, entertainment and youth marketing.
    Fusion sushi is owned by the female Japanese sushi chef Miki Izumisawa. The cafe is located in North Laguna. The style of sushi is unique and surpasses any other sushi bar on the planet. People come far and wide to try our special sashimi plates,special cut rolls
    and our famous Sexy Hand Roll.

    The busy small restaurant seats only 28 people. My job is to manage the floor and educate new customers about our specials and why we don't serve soy sauce. That's right "No Soy Sauce!" Miki makes all of her own sauces.

    After doing this job to get me through college, I feel like I can do anything. This is a high stress job that operates on immediate deadlines and requires major multi-tasking abilities while communicating with many people, both customers and co-workers at the same time.
    I'm working really hard on building my portfolio while staying in school. I pitch story ideas and execute the stories from start to finish complete with the written article and photographs.
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    Saddleback College Juried Art Exhibit 2003 : First Place in Photography

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