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    Nora Tahir
    Nora Tahir
    CFO at RHB Islamic Bank Bhd
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    02/2013 - Present
    In charge of the Finance function. RHBIB is a subsidiary of RHB Bank. RHBIB offers various financing facilities, deposits and investment productsSits on various management and group committees. Attends various Board and Board sub committee meetings. Top priority : improving reliability of the information generated, efficiency of the process. To set the direction of the bank via better engagement and communication.
    04/2009 - Present
    As a key player in the capital market industry, my utmost important role is to ensure there is a sound liquidity management system in place within this organisation. We also assess profitability of deals ensuring that they are coherent with the strategy and direction of the company. The complexity of accounting standards demand my team to be up to mark to support our front liners especially in the development process of structured &/ Islamic products. We have harmonised internal policies wrt policies on impairment, worked on a tighter schedule to produce our annual report, migrated from Basel I to Basel II Pillar 1 and now working on Basel II Pillar 2.
    01/2008 - 04/2009
    Involved in the daily operation of finance, evaluate sizeable credit applications and attend Board meetings.
    05/2006 - 12/2007
    I was the first CFO of Al Rajhi Bank in Malaysia.Handled the financial reporting ( regulatory and statutory ), procurement and administration, legal, taxation, property and services, financial system and company secretarial function.
    08/2002 - 05/2006
    Overseeing the administrative function of the office, sales logistics including production planning and of course, working capital management. Implemented Sarbanes Oxley as part of the Group initiative which was chronic considering the size of local operations but the programme has its own merits.During my tenure, it was the start of new media business as additional sales channel on top of physical CD sales - ringtones, RBT, digital download.
    02/1997 - 07/2002
    I started as the business controller and the last position held was Finance Director of the local subsidiary.At L'Oreal, my focus was primarily on working capital management, budgeting and forecasting, hedging and sales logistics. I was involved with the integration of new brands such as Redken and Shu Uemura. We also changed our business model from working with dealers to going direct, filtering out all the irrelevant layers and with that move, we discovered the clarity of the consumer market. A lot of work was done on improving the reliability of forecasting activity so that it is coherent to the direction of business, efficient handling of old stocks, warehousing operations.
    02/1994 - 02/1997
    Joined as Internal Audit Manager, subsequently moved to Finance post.Good exposure to being a part of the senior management team.CCM has since been taken over by Hong Leong group
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