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    O My Phuong
    O My Phuong
    Shareholder,VUONG LUC Trading Srvc Co.,Ltd-Specialize in laundry equipment for...
    Place of birthHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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    11/2010 - Present
    * Maintaining relationship with current customers* Developing new business, especially in providing machinery maintenance service and selling industrial laundry machine, spare part for hotel, resort, service apartment, hospital and commercial laundry* Creating company greater awareness within local market and beyond* Developing key relationship with all levels, especially government level
    08/1999 - 07/2010
    * Setting up the sales office and building up a high performance sales team based in HCMC.Promoting a greater awareness of Hilton Hanoi Opera in HCMC. * Developing key contacts to increase sales revenue inline with business plan & sales strategy development. * Maintaining daily sales activities including daily contacts with customers and giving feedback to hotel * Generating new business and turning business leads to materialized sales volume. Having strength in developing leisure, corporate, airlines and cruise business through local and overseas sales calls, exhibition, trade show and tourism seminars * Managing, coaching & training up the sales team on daily basis * Comprehensive database management and related market business analysis * Regularly entertaining customers at all levels
    12/1993 - 07/1999
    * Handling multiple functional VIP groups logistic * Well Coordinating between each department within hotel to ensure the high service standard delivery* Conducting sales calls within Vietnam and overseas to gain larger business share* Developing sales contacts through Consulates offices, corporate offices* Regularly entertaining customers
    Phuong has more than 18-year experience in hospitality professional sales. Current role: In- charge of PR & business development in industrial laundry and boiler machines for hospitality, healthcare and commercial laundry sector. Vuong Luc Trading Service Co., ltd specializes in consultancy, design, trade in equipment, installation, maintenance and after sales service. The company has been in the industry since 1993.
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  • Educational Background
    2011 - 2013

    University of Hawaii SHIDLER College of Businesshttp://issuu.com/tungbui/docs/vembanewsletter2-2012

    Extra-activity: www.shidler.hawaii.edu/vietnam

    2003 - 2010

    Online E- university learning from 2003 to July 2010 more than 100 different courses mainly including Sales & Marketing, revenue, reservation, balance score card, EQ at work, branding, female leadership, the boss factor, team work...

    N/A - 2010
    2002 - 2002

    Training in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    2002 - 2002

    Training in Kuching, Malaysia. The training has covered MBTI step II and Skillscope. MBTI is short for Myers Briggs Type Indicator and was developed by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs as an application of Carl Jung's theory of psychological types. MBTI reports an individual personality type. This instrument provides information about an individual preferences on the following dimensions of personality: Extraversion-Intraversion, Intuition-Sensing, Feeling-Thinking, Judging-Perceiving. This information can be helpful in understanding why she/he behaves as she/he does and why others may behave differently. The Step II analysis of the individual's responses give the learners an indication of the unique way in which the learners express each main preference. Skillscope is a straight forward effective 360 degree feedback tool that assesses managerial strengths and development needs. It is a tool for giving managers a reading on where they stand with co-workers and boss.

    Extra-activity: www.mteliza.com.au, Hilton

    1997 - 1997

    Training in KL, Malaysia

    Extra-activity: Marriott, New World Hotel Saigon

    1991 - 1995

    Phuong got the highest score in English comprehensive testing prior to entering the University. 3 months after, Phuong passed the TOEFL and made a good score at 540 for the first time (1992).

    Extra-activity: Chinese Calligraphy Club- founded by Senior expert Phar. Nguyen Thai An (International Cooperational Dept- Ministry of Health- Vietnam)

    N/A - 1995
    1993 - 1994

    The Training jointly organized by Ho Chi Minh Open University and the New World Hotel Saigon ( 6- month)


    Seminar in Bangkok, Thailand. The seminar has brought benefits to learner after using skills and strategies gained from the learning. Benefits include: * Greater selling efficiency and effectiveness* Increased sales* More earnings* Greater job satisfaction* Increased value to the customer (and, therefore a more knowledgeable and confident sales professional)* Increased value to the company.

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