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    Oded Galili
    Oded Galili
    Deputy Director - Minnesota Justice Information Services (MNJIS) DPS at State of Minnesota
    Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul, États-Unis Paul, États-Unis
    LocationGreater Minneapolis-St. Paul, États-Unis Paul, États-Unis
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    08/2008 - Present
    05/2005 - Present
    Responsible for all aspects of personnel, planning, program and project management for the integration of criminal justice information, including development, maintenance, evaluation, and execution of integration and information sharing architecture. Manage the Criminal History and Biometrics Identification areas of the BCA including 24 X 7 operations, as well as managing the totality of the projects and programs portfolio of MNJIS (Minnesota Justice Information Services)Creating and implementing visioning process by working with a team of senior managers to create the end-state vision of the Criminal Justice integration effort and maintaining stakeholders and client-centric views when creating and managing the integration framework by collaborating with stakeholders and other impacted parties to facilitate the integration effort.Developing and implementing the BCA SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and overseeing the internal operation of the Portfolio and Program Management (PPM) area including resources allocation across the organization, and analyzing the projects and program's health. Managing the CriMNet program office while maintaining strong connection with our external stakeholders including identifying legislation needs and assisting in presentation and support by developing budgets and estimates.
    01/2004 - Present
    01/2005 - 01/2010
    01/2005 - 01/2009
    01/1998 - 01/2008
    05/2004 - 05/2005
    Responsible for the management of the State of Minnesota's program for integration of criminal justice information, including development, maintenance, evaluation, and execution of integration and information sharing architecture. Developed multi-year business and program plans including the oversight and management of all program projects, technology and business standards and requirements, planning and analysis projects, technology development projects, legal analysis and data practices projects, human resources, budgeting, and contracting procedures and processes.Defined and administered clear goals and directions, increased staff motivation, and developed and maintained complex stakeholder and governance structures.
    06/2002 - 05/2004
    Led and directed the program management team within the Information Technology and Health Care sector, including Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Business Intelligence (BI).Managed, developed, coordinated, and streamlined a team of more than 75 individuals and over 15 major clients which accelerated the growth of the business from $35M revenue to $50M revenue in 18 months.Guided the development and tailoring of products to ensure client requests were fulfilled by working with cross functional teams and coordinating all technology development, database, and data warehouse activities and priorities.Improved Product Life Cycle methodologies, led business process and quality improvement activities, created performance measurement and evaluation tools, techniques and activities, and coached senior management in program and project management.
    01/2002 - 01/2004
    12/1998 - 04/2002
    Directed and managed all project and program management leadership for RCM technologies including overseeing the creation of business plans and responding to clients' requests for proposal and quotes.Developed relationships with clients, analyzed business needs, and provided solutions for their program or project management and executive leadership needs.Managed and supervised teams of up to 25 individuals and led the development of project management methodologies, processes, and best practices for four major practice areas. Initiated new work areas for RCM consulting in project management training and certification and project management maturity evaluation.Managed many projects on behalf of clients including major financial institutions in the Twin Cities, using a variety of SAN solutions, net security, and VERITAS tools, documents management systems, and others.
    01/1998 - 01/2002
    04/1996 - 11/1998
    Managed, coordinated, and led a business unit with over 100 individuals and a budget of $27M. Oversaw and directed projects and teams that provided business analysis, software and product development, technical support, data warehousing, business intelligence and data mining, infrastructure, and quality improvement for major health care and pharmacy organizations.Utilized client servers, web portals, and other systems to deliver clients' solutions including implementing tools for helpdesks such as Remedy & One Stop to manage IT applications for large health care organizations.Developed, controlled, and tested disaster recovery plans and business continuity planning, established out-source plans for non-core and core IT functions, and created a company-wide project management office.
    12/1991 - 04/1996
    As CIO, created and developed the technical division to support a growing company's needs. Responsible for all P&L and drove sales volume increase from $400K to $4M per year. Directed and managed the development, implementation, and commission for tailor-made systems for customers using IVR, CTI, and PABX.
    10/1982 - 12/1991
    Responsible for research and development projects in a leading-edge technology arena. Managed a group of technicians and engineers, monitored the development and maintenance of projects, and trained and developed new employees.
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