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    Patrick Martel
    Patrick Martel
    CoFounder & International Wholesale/ Distribution at PatchUp Accessories
    Toronto, Canada
    LocationToronto, Canada
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    Business Development Sales and Marketing Consulting Sales & Technical Trainer Product Demonstrator and Field Manager Corporate Sales & Promotions Management Promotional Model Talent Training and Acquisition Event Management Merchandising
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    11/2009 - Present
    - Started a sustainable line of fashion accessories made from recycled Candy & snack wrappers. - Established clients across US, Canada and the UK - Designed each piece in the collection - Business development and partnerships - Business plan & sales strategy development - Branding, Marketing and Advertising management - Social Media roll out and management - Working directly with manufacturers and suppliers - Managing employees and work programs in partnership with the government and local communities - Built website and ecommerce from scratch
    N/A - Present
    Assisted senior outdoor recreational activities facilitator during team building sessions and retreats. Provided hosting at various corporate events. Worked with a variety of Executive Oasis International's clients including Rogers Communications (Fido), CIBC, ExxonMobil Canada, Xerox Canada, Mayhew & Associates, ATI Technologies, and a major pharmaceutical company.
    Area Sales Development - Merchandising, Sales Support, Corporate to Retail Liaison working with a large company on a highly sensitive information project.
    Territory Development, Marketing, Brand Sponsorship and Endorsement. Worked with Kickbutt Amped Energy Ballz™ which are a true functional food for instant and sustained energy, providing hours of alertness and vigor – without the ‘crash’ common to many of the energy-enhancement products on the market. Placing them with NPT National Poker as a sponsor
    Political Fundraising, Event Management, Delegate Promotions, Talent Management Worked with the Liberal Party for their special events and fundraisers. Most notably worked with Greg Sorbara the finance minister at the time on a large fundraiser at Bistro 990
    Product and Technical Training, Promotional Event and Sales Lead, Fundraising, Volunteer Staff Management, Account Management
    National Sales Management, Staff Management Working with a large online partner Paradise poker and Belmont.com we ran a national in-bar league with winners being sent to WPT World Poker Tour in Las Vegas NV.
    Sales & Marketing Director - Oversee All Sales Staff including training, Information Manager, eMedia Management, Marketing, Budgeting
    Managed Field Reps, Area Management, Marketing for this House Music marketing and talent management company in Toronto Canada. They work work with international talent from DJ's to live bands and more
    Street Level Promotions, eMedia Campaigns, Special Event Management, Budgetting
    - Promotional Model, Special Events Management, Merchandising, Area Development and Management
    Field Sales Representative, Product Demonstrations, Team Lead, Promotional Model
    Special Events, Admin Work, Fundraising for this Non Profit which fights against battered women and children.
    Have attended over a dozen focus groups sharing ideas, thoughts and feedback on different products, brands and public figures. Including and not limited to: Gillette, WWF World Wildlife Foundation, various government, various beer and alcoholic bev and other various brands and products
    Account Executive Managing Sales and Marketing For a National Show. Exhibit Sales, Delegate Promotions, eMedia. Working with such large clients as IBM, DELL, Symantec, EMC, NetApp and more
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