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    Paul Maille
    Paul Maille
    Manager, AAA Vacations
    Orlando, Florida
    Date of birth08 July 1964
    LocationOrlando, Florida
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  • Professional Experience
    07/2011 - Present
    03/2007 - 06/2010
    Responsible for the design, preparation and oversight of all tour elements and components that are involved in the creation, maintenance, enhancement and operation of each tour series.Oversee Canadian, Eastern USA and Alaska product lines consisting of 16 tour series.Inventory procurement for assigned regional products on an annual basis through supplier negotiations and contracting.Maintain superior supplier relations throughout negotiations, routine activities, supplier visitations (both internal and external) and industry events.Lead and manage new product development efforts within region.Heavy cross departmental working relations with Costing and Contracting, Product Operations and Brand Market Planning departments to promote a successful team approach in achieving the goals of the company.
    08/1997 - 03/2007
    Interview, hire, train, schedule and maintain a staff of 30 - 45 professional tour directors.Heavy negotiations and contracting of all ground transportation required for over 45 different tour programs ranging from 1 - 31 days in length. Destinations include the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.Design and implement an intricate system of shuttles and transfers throughout New York and southern New England, in conjunction with companies "Hub and Spoke" method of passenger transport from over 22 available departure points, serving over 25,000 passengers per year.Oversee all aspects of customer service.Liaison between company and legal consul on any disputed matters.Oversee distribution of travel documentation and passenger correspondences.Control passenger capacity and available inventory for all tour departures.Execute group moves in excess of 1,000 passengers.
    01/1996 - 08/1997
    Manage an operations department of 3 full-time office personnel.Interview, hire, train, schedule and maintain a staff of 30 professional tour directors.Develop, design and execute new tour programs.Contract all components of 17 different tour series with up to 25 departures per series.Develop technical itineraries for tour directors and drivers to follow.Contribute to the design, editing and proofing of company catalog of tour itineraries.Assist President in day-to-day operations of company.Organize, prepare and execute annual tour director training seminars.Attend industry events such as the annual National Tour Association convention, Rendezvous Canada, ITMI Symposium and other marketplace type venues.
    11/1992 - 01/1996
    Setting up domestic and international tours from 1 to 27 days in length.Negotiate rates for tour components including airlines, cruise lines, hotels and attractions.Liaison between Bonnie Tours and the National Tours Association.Initiate and help implement the ARC approved retail travel division of Bonnie Tours.Establish and maintain working relations between company and clients both direct and indirect through groups, travel agents, clubs and organizations.
    04/1988 - 11/1992
    Outside sales to all travel agencies within the states of Washington and Oregon.Sales and marketing to specialty groups such as Elks, employee groups & senior travel clubs.Set-up and maintain trade show exhibits for both industry professionals and consumers.Lectured to large numbers of individuals as to the benefits provided by my employer.
    04/1984 - 04/1988
    Guided groups of individuals on deluxe tours throughout the United States and Canada.Educated and entertained tour patrons.Arranged sightseeing tours and coordinated group activities.Managed hotel, restaurant and attraction finances.Acted as liaison between tour patrons and Tour Company.Inspected restaurants, hotels and attractions under considerations for future use.
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