• General Summary
    Pompeyo Davalillo
    Pompeyo Davalillo
    Also known asYo-Yo Davalillo
    Date of birth30 June 1931
    Place of birthCabimas
    ProfessionBaseball player
    Date of death28 February 2013
    Place of deathOcumare del Tuy
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      • Juan Francia
      • Javier Brito
      • Jose Tabata
      • Francisco Cervelli
      • Daryl Spencer
      • Argenis Diaz
      • Huck Geary
      • Keith Kessinger

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  • Biography
    Pompeyo Antonio Davalillo Romero [da-va-LEE-yo] was a Venezuelan professional baseball player and minor league manager. He played in Major League Baseball as a shortstop for the Washington Senators. Nicknamed "Yo-Yo" by his teammates, he was...
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  • Related People
    • Brother
      Vic Davalillo
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