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    Preston Trombly
    Preston Trombly
    Greater New York City
    LocationGreater New York City
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    "Preston Trombly. Best Classical Host"
    Posted on 04.18.09

    Review by DAVE NEWTON
    Radio Guy Gallery blog

    "I haven’t heard them all, but for me, PRESTON TROMBLY is the gold standard of classical radio hosts. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, he’s only heard on SiriusXM satellite radio, on the Concert Hall channel. He’s a composer himself, and he speaks with the voice of a deep familiar. Not only of music, but as a familiar friend to the listener. You don’t have to sound haughty to be taken seriously on classical radio. SiriusXM has a couple of voices who do. Preston is casual, friendly, witty, fun to be around. He makes me glad to be paying to hear him."

    "PRESTON TROMBLY's wonderful mixed media collages combine Constructivist sensibilities with a lively palette and a playful sense of composition. Angular planes of melon, azure, and carmine reach out and are broken by rings, stripes, and wooden shapes. Trombly’s geometric style is offset by some unusual, dynamic angles. An excellent pairing of color, soft brushstrokes, and other textures soften what might otherwise be the solidity of the mixed media.

    Trombly communicates to his audience through pure form and color while his often poetic titles speak of natural wonders and influential artists and musicians of the past."

    My art reflects my responses to the visual stimulations of contemporary life, and to the actual materials with which I work.

    For several years I worked as a composer and performer (Guggenheim Fellow, NEA and NYSCA commissions, MacDowell Colony Fellow residencies, performed and recorded with jazz great Jaki Byard). My experiences composing and creating musical structures inform my current work in the visual arts.

    Found objects, pieces of metal, wood, fabric, and artist's pigments are the raw materials of my current work. Each piece begins when a particular juxtaposition of elements intrigues me enough to start working on a piece.

    At the point when the addition of even one other element will 'destroy' the work, and the subtraction of even one single element will leave it incomplete, the piece is finished.

    I have not yet spoken of the 'emotional content' of my work. It will be there - a priori - in every art work, with or without the artist’s conscious effort to include or exclude it.
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  • Educational Background
    1969 - 1972

    Master of Musical ArtsStudies with Mario Davidovsky, Bulent Arel, Jacob Druckman, Gustav Meier

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  • Milestones

    Guggenheim Fellowship; NEA, NYSCA, and CAPS commissions; Macdowell Colony Fellow; Tanglewood Fellow; 24th Chelsea International Artist Competition Winner;

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