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    Puneet Sharma
    Puneet Sharma
    Senior Manager Analytics, North America Business at PayPal
    San Francisco Bay
    LocationSan Francisco Bay
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    10/2010 - Present
    Leading team for strategic analytics, and investment decisions analysis for North America Business Unit. Member steering group for metrics, reporting needs for Business Unit.
    07/2009 - 12/2010
    •Lead team for strategic analysis to identifying areas of opportunity for checkout, digital goods and customer experience teams. Responsibilities include advanced analysis, test design, measurement and adhoc analysis.•Conducted deep analysis for checkout product flows to understand key conversion driver and identify areas of opportunity. Identified opportunities worth $20mm in annual revenues. Worked with product team to influence business partners on initiatives against key drivers.•Developed test design for digital goods testing in partnership with product team and merchants. Analyzed test results and made recommendations for product, which should increase revenues by 20%. •Led analysis for key product redesign and helped increase conversion by 10%. Identified bugs, design issues, as well as technical challenges•Analyzed testing done in password recovery and activation flow and made recommendations on rollout based on significant improvements to customer experience and 15% improvement in conversion metrics.•Worked with various product team to define metrics framework and prioritize key requirements for dashboards
    08/2007 - 07/2009
    •Direct team for analytics, product development, risk and offer management for Personal Loans.•Restructured major marketing program for HSBC, driving $450 million in new loans to $750 million within 1 year despite declining economic conditions.•Developed risk management strategy and launched pre-select offer; defined credit criteria, offer characteristics and marketing strategies for customer segments.•Reinvented Near Prime product strategy by analyzing customer needs, performance and competitive scenarios; Influenced leadership and led cross-functional team of 20.•Defined customer segments by profitability / needs driven analytical framework to drive product strategy, channel choice and branch efforts.•Launched new acquisitions strategy; Conducted analytics leveraging past performance and vendor data to identify high profit segment. Developed response/ conversation models.
    07/2003 - 01/2007
    •Led business-critical product strategy projects to bolster revenue and profit for Credit Cards Portfolio.•Led Capital One's 1st account level valuation-driven product strategy, generating $132 mm NPV; won Circle of Excellence award, a recognition bestowed on < 1% of employees. Influenced leadership and drove change in organization moving to Statistical/ SAS modeling driven product decisioning.•Guided 10-member valuations team in realigning product and credit strategies for company's 3 largest programs.•Rationalized product strategy; re-engaging 113K deeply inactive customers to trigger $18 million profit upswing.•Championed white space project to identify areas of opportunity within Cards portfolio; identified $10 mm profit improvement opportunity.•Restructured processes for multimillion-dollar collections center; created $15 million profits by reducing losses.
    07/2002 - 06/2003
    •Devised pricing models, facilitating 5% price increase without compromising occupancy rates.
    01/1998 - 01/2001
    •Co-managed start up and launch of new outsourcing business unit; managed market/financial research, formulated business strategy, set up operating policies/procedures and hired team which grew to 200 in 6 months.•Led competitive intelligence, identified niche, assessed financial feasibility and authored business case for UK startup; delivered $175 million sales in 1st 6 months; 1 of 12 among 6K employees to win Director's Club award.•Led startup's 1st project; cut client's costs 20% and increased revenue 30%, positioning firm to win additional business.•Consulted with CEO/COO; deployed PeopleSoft/ERP, facilitating integration of newly acquired companies.
    05/1996 - 12/1997
    - Managed $20 million debenture issue; designed cash flow model, forecasting profitability of new division; segmented market, contributing to 10% profit increase.
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