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  • Biography
    Owned and operated two businesses during the most recent eight years
    Professional Baseball Player, Coach, and Field manager.
  • Professional Experience
    02/2000 - 11/2006
    Managed daily operations including accounting,supply purchasing and management of staff.
    Obtained original, and all renewal, state regulated business and operating licenses.
    Equipment lease and independent contractor agreements were formed.
    Compiled safety and procedural manuals to adhere OSHA compliance.
    Business grew to six professional nail stylists, as well as additional personnel to manage the tanning/spa aspect of the business.
    Design and produce specialty signs for business, events, and personal needs.
    Works directly with clients to ensure that they receive a quality product.
  • Educational Background
    1992 - 1994

    Extra-activity: student athlete in the baseball program

  • Related People
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  • Milestones

    Career in Professional Baseball, initially as a Position Player, then to Coaching which led to promotion of Field Manager. Reached playoff finals every year played. Named to the “All-Star Coaching Staff” in 1999 and 2000

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