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    Ron Sotak
    Ron Sotak
    Sales & Operations Consulting
    Greater Denver
    LocationGreater Denver
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    04/2009 - Present
    Created own consulting practice to help small and mid-sized organization improve sales and operations efficiency. Implemented new CRM systems and trained employees at all levels of the organizations which resulted in achieving optimized efficiency, increased utilization, and increased sales.•Helped event planning company add business to consumer sales as well as open store front location.•Identified and developed key organizational metrics and develop scorecards to drive organizational performance.
    09/2008 - 10/2009
    Manage direct sales effort while developing new markets including geographic and vertical markets for long sales cycle products and services.•Increased managed services customers by 17%.•Developed long term pipeline of managed services and products valued at over $1 million.•Developed co-op marketing programs with vendors that resulted in several successful lead generation campaigns and trade shows.•Proactively generated leads and cross-selling opportunities, through the use of marketing and sales techniques with vendors.•Developed partnerships with trade organizations to offer companies products and services to its members.•Implemented Salesforce.com CRM system.
    01/2007 - 08/2008
    Manage sales and marketing operations for the entire company, developing new markets, and overseeing market strategy.•Designed and implemented marketing plan which included working with vendors for co-op marketing funds, identifying relevant trade show opportunities, and develop targeted advertising plans to reach financial and medical institutions.•Developed all marketing materials including internet sites, brochures, mailings, trade show booth, and branded give aways•Developed partner program with complementary vendors and manage relationships•Developed relationships with C level executives to increase company’s 2007 sales by 235.8% over 2006 sales.
    10/2004 - 10/2006
    Provide in-home sales and consultation for window treatments, area rugs, and window film.•Maintained an 80% close ratio against area benchmark of 65%•Designed and executed an effective marketing campaign which lead to sales growth beyond corporate benchmark for first year of ownership•Held highest gross profit margin in the region and taught other franchises to utilize sales tactics to increase their results•Developed commercial relationships to secure non-residential sales in restaurants, group homes, schools, and hotels
    05/2001 - 10/2004
    Provided on-site operations management consulting to a portfolio of clients including call centers, public utilities, the US Navy and a variety of industrial manufactures throughout the United States. Produced 250MM in savings for major client.•Work with leadership teams to identify key organizational metrics and develop scorecards to drive organizational performance•Designed and delivered a portfolio of management training programs on Management Operating Systems, Six Sigma, PERT, CPM, and line changeover optimization, and other operations management•Develop and implement workload and manpower planning models•Develop manpower and equipment scheduling tools to optimize labor usage, equipment utilization, and scrap reduction
    05/1998 - 02/2001
    Manage local terminal by overseeing load planning function, customer service, dispatching, dock operations, data entry and on site management of local drivers. •Managed a cross functional team of 32 people including dock supervisor, loaders, customer service reps, dispatchers, load planners, and drivers. •Developed new terminal layout, planned and executed move•Oversee efficient logistics operations for both dock operations and load planning•Conducted regular team meetings to provide business updates and maintain employee satisfaction in a union-free environment•Ensure safety procedures were followed by all employees, ensure all were trained in safety procedures and hazmat process
    03/1996 - 03/1998
    Responsible for Management and Supervision of Casino operations which included casino accounting, slot operations, cage operations, preferred customer club, valet parking, facilities and maintenance. •Developed new layout of casino expansion and oversee installation of new equipment•Responsible for Manpower scheduling for a variety of departments•Developed procedures and policies for Casino Finance Operations, Cash Management and Security •Developed programs to train and reinforce with team members the importance of providing outstanding customer experiences•Revamped cage operations procedures and upgraded staff which reduced shortages and time to close out cage by 200%•Managed equipment movements through the casino to provide better revenue generation and casino layout optimization•Ensured regulatory compliance with all prize and cash award distributions
    05/1994 - 12/1995
    Planned and executed the opening of a new Casino. Responsible for all aspects of operations including equipment acquisition, layout and space planning. staffing and onboarding of employees.•Developed polices and procedures, hired, and created a training program for 130 employees which resulted in the most successful opening that Harrah’s ever had from the coin operations standpoint•Managed new equipment acquisition budget totaling $4 million. Worked with various venders to develop specs, procure equipment, and ensure deliver dates were met. •Developed management training program covering employee management process, operational procedures, and security and safeguarding of company assets•Served as master trainer and delivered corporate employee on-boarding program to ensure our employees delivered an outstanding customer experience•Worked with regulatory body to ensure compliance with all gaming regulations.
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