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    Rudolf Stokar von Neuforn
    Rudolf Stokar Von Neuforn
    Sales Manager at INCHRON
    Munich Et Région, Allemagne
    LocationMunich et région, Allemagne
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    Project Manager at Giesekce & Devrient

    Key Account Manager at Telelogic

    Channel Sales Manager at Websense

    Director Sales at Telelogic/IBM
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    11/2008 - Present
    Our products enable you to analyze, optimize and validate the design of your embedded system and embedded software from the beginning of the development process. Your products will be launched much faster! Info about INCHRON:While embedded systems become more powerful and more complex, the pressure on cost and time-to-market increases. As a result of this, R&D departments are being burdened with the responsibility of developing new systems as quickly and as cost effectively as possible - free from real-time errors. Real-time requirements, functional specifications, cost-effectiveness: Which design brings them all together? INCHRON has the solution. -Reduced time-to-market -Reduced R&D spending -Avoiding product recalls -Greater flexibility -Lower product costs Embedded systems have a clearly outlined function and task field and are hence ideally suited to optimization of the hardware in place. With INCHRON tools you no longer select your hardware during the process of system design merely on the basis of estimates and empirical values. INCHRON tools protect you from using over dimensioned components in order to ensure fulfillment of real-time requirements. Instead, you use hardware whose performance is best suited to the task at hand. In this way you save Using INCHRON tools to simulate, visualize, analyze and predict the real-time performance of your embedded system, your engineers will, for the first time ever, be able to compare the real-time performance of several design alternatives in order to create the most economical solution.
    10/2005 - 10/2008
    Telelogic is the leading global provider of software and services for Enterprise Lifecycle Management (ELM). Award winning Telelogic products go beyond Requirements Management and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) by combining the voice of the customer with business objectives to drive development of products, applications, advanced systems and software. As Head of the Business Unit for Innovation – and Portfolio-management I was involved to bring a new cutting edge technology to the german speaking markets. My customers are Major Accounts, like DaimlerChrysler, Volkswagen, Deutsche Bank, Postbank, T-Systems and EADS. I'm responsible for all marketing activities like roadshows for the whole territory of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland.
    09/2003 - 08/2005
    Borland Software Corporation (Nasdaq NM: BORL) is a world leader in platform independent software development and deployment solutions that are designed to accelerate the entire application development lifecycle. By connecting managers, testers, designers, developers, and implementers in real time, Borland enables enterprises worldwide to define and sustain their competitive advantage.•Key Account Manager for customers in the automotive industry like DaimlerChrysler, Volkswagen/Audi, Robert Bosch and HarmanBecker•Responsible for different projects in the automotive industry like an universal exchange format of project data between OEMs and vendors
    03/2002 - 07/2003
    Websense Inc. (NASDAQ: WBSN) is the worldwide leader of employee Internet management (EIM) solutions. Founded in 1994, the company serves more than 18,100 customers, ranging in size from 100-person firms to global-sized corporations. •Channel Sales Manager for the Area CE South (Austria, Switzerland, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg). Responsible for the indirect sales channel with distributors Allasso, Azlan and Computerlinks as well as resellers like Bechtle, Integralis, Siemens, AT&T and T-Systems. Working together with the resellers to close projects with major accounts like DaimlerChrysler, AUDI, VW, BMW, Deutsche Telekom, HypoVereinsbank and Allianz
    01/2000 - 03/2002
    QSS is the world leader in requirement management Solutions, helping more than 50,000 users at over 1,200Leading-edge companies take control of their complex projects and mission- critical initiatives in a fast-changing e-business world.QSS has been recently acquired by Telelogic, the leading supplier of software development solutions for real time and communication applications.•Key Account Manager for companies like DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Bank, UBS and NOKIAPresidents Club 2001
    05/1997 - 12/1999
    The Giesecke & Devrient Group, headquartered in Munich, has subsidiaries and joint ventures operating globally as well as Germany. The group employs close to 6,000 people worldwide, with well over 1,900 outside Germany.•Project manager for projects in Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong and China for mobile telefone applications•Project manager for different internal projects, as UPP an universal production platform for smart cards
    04/1994 - 04/1997
    A franchisee of the US market leader in fax broadcasting with 54 associates in Germany including 33 at Munich headquaters. Small sales offices in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin and Stuttgart. Key Customers DCI and Macrotron.•Responsible for eight members in customer service•Product Manager for XIP (personalised Fax)•Bringing the US technology with SUN Spark Stations and Wellfleet routers to Germany. Responsible for the planning and installation of the WAN/LAN connection of 9 sites throughout Germany.
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