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    Sam Haugh
    Sam Haugh
    Startup Professional
    San Francisco-Silicon Valley, États-Unis
    LocationSan Francisco-Silicon Valley, États-Unis
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    01/2010 - Present
    Konnects offers a social media platform enabling newspapers to engage, grow and monetize their online communities. It was re-purposed after having been originally conceived as a social network for professionals.• Remotely support new CEO in all aspects of ongoing Company administration, finance and accounting (bookkeeping, A/R, A/P, outside payroll, cash forecasting, legal, insurance, fundraising, investor relations) as well as provide strategic and tactical counsel.• Developed comprehensive financial model to facilitate fundraising and newspaper customer acquisition.• Cleaned up books, corralled data and generated capitalization model including overall summary, individual investment history, liquidation break points and automatic waterfall calculation for each class and for each individual for any input liquidation value. Provided dashboards for promissory note interest accruals and Company stock option pool administration.• With CEO, co-authored short Data Sheets for prospective customers and comprehensive Business Brief for potential acquirers.
    01/2000 - Present
    Develop comprehensive spreadsheet-based financial models for a variety of nascent businesses.
    01/2001 - 01/2003
    A financial services startup formed to provide third-party financing to purchasers of large-ticket, mission-critical software. Offering tuned to the software industry and unique aspects of intellectual property (non-asset-based) finance.• Singly responsible for all aspects of Company administration including legal, banking, office, systems, financials, taxes, payroll, benefits, budgeting and cash forecasting.• Recruited and hired executive team complement of three individuals. Iterated strategy and plans to next level. Developed sophisticated financial model.• Co-drafted and authored business plan document. Developed supporting collateral materials including "www.ic-enterprises.com" web site.
    01/2000 - 01/2001
    A provider of one-to-one targeted merchandising applications and services to multi-channel online retailers.• Responsible for delivery in all aspects of "QuickDog Personal Shopper", a personalization and recommendation engine linking products to customer preferences using conjoint analysis.• Effected downsizing consistent with change in direction from comparative shopping online destination.• Led cross-functional requirements definition process culminating with detailed functional specifications.• Led articulation of product architecture, reinvigorated engineering team and launched development.
    01/1999 - 01/1999
    An e-commerce startup offering greeting cards and personalization services to online consumers.• Led setup and implementation of financial and manufacturing system, including integration with site front-end and middleware applications.• Rearchitected content data structure and data entry application. Established consistency and accuracy for 12,000-SKU inventory.
    01/1996 - 01/1999
    On board from inception of the publisher of "Hanes(R) T-ShirtMaker(R)" (HTM) software. Retail software and direct-fulfilled supplies channels were supported by a direct-response infomercial. These all paved the way for the Internet-direct offering "MadeToOrder.com".• Built Company to thirty employees and $10M in profitable revenue.• Launched multiple versions of HTM. Developed collateral; managed outside manufacturing, assembly and shipment into channel. Sourced and priced supplies; set up outside telemarketing and fulfillment operations. Outsourced technical support and provided in-house customer service.• Championed, led development and delivered "MadeToOrder" offering. Articulated functional and operational requirements. Selected and implemented remote customization and fulfillment supplier. Integrated supplier, web site, credit card processor, accounting system and customer service operation.• Instituted COGS-reduction program, resulting in roughly $1M/year savings at 1998 volumes.
    01/1994 - 01/1996
    Worldview developed the web's first travel-related mega-site, "Travelocity", with partner Sabre Interactive.• Responsible for "Travelocity" information content strategy, acquisition, development and publishing.
    01/1991 - 01/1994
    • Built Production, Distribution, Customer Service and Information Resources organizations.• Managed development and enhancement of application software products, online services and systems.• Conceived and delivered consumer-direct fulfillment system and operations.
    01/1986 - 01/1990
    With Sun from $200M to $2B in revenues. Developed manufacturing operations in California; exported technology and key personnel to Massachusetts and Scotland.• Developed and communicated Company strategic CIM plan.• Delivered two integrated assembly and test facilities (build-to-stock and build-to-order), automated distribution center, and printed circuit assembly line. These were interfaced with corporate MRP system.• Grew multidisciplinary department from ten to ninety and $10M direct spending in under three years.
    01/1985 - 01/1986
    • Managed department developing custom CIM systems integration proposals for Fortune 500 customers.
    01/1984 - 01/1985
    • Led teams which authored requirements definitions and fixed-price factory automation proposals.
    01/1983 - 01/1985
    • Worldwide product marketing responsibility for manufacturing quality management software "QDM/1000". Directed product enhancement strategy; motivated field sales force. Surpassed sales objectives by 30%.
    01/1980 - 01/1981
    • Managed process engineering for division fabrication operations (lathes and mills, sheet metal and metal finish, printed circuit board fabrication and injection molding).
    01/1978 - 01/1980
    • Designed and developed y-axis arm, pen carriage, and pen lifting mechanism of 7580A drafting plotter.• Named Inventor, "Apparatus and Method for Pen-Lift System", U.S. Patent 4,567,565.
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  • Educational Background
    1974 - 1978

    BS in Mechanical Engineering with distinction. Tau Beta Pi, Phi Beta Kappa, F.E. Terman Engineering Scholastic Achievement Award. Varsity Rugby. Two quarters at Stanford-in-Florence, Italy.

    1970 - 1974

    Headmaster’s Prize (valedictorian), Cum Laude Society. Varsity football, baseball.

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