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  • Biography
    Strategic problem-solving and critical thinking have been consistently employed in my roles as creative/design director, communication design consultant, manager and educator.
    Major career accomplishments include:
    • Collaboration with...
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  • Professional Experience
    03/2006 - 09/2007
    I managed multiple complex projects, developing strategic and tactical solutions for a variety of clients. Our team approach integrated specialists in research, writing, design and marketing. Projects included brand identity and management, marketing collateral materials, capital campaign fundraising, conference identity and materials, signage analysis and design recommendations, print and online advertising campaigns with media buying and Web site design and development.
    11/1989 - 03/2006
    I owned and managed a communication design consulting practice specializing in corporate brand identity, publication design and development, marketing and collateral materials, and specification and buying of printing and related manufacturing. I provided the management and creative direction of the practice, as well as:
    • Promotion and marketing of creative and production services
    • Creation of design proposals, contractual agreements and billing
    • Collaboration, employment and direction of graphic designers, Web developers, photographers, writers and illustrators
    • Development of design solutions and their presentation to clients
    • Implementation of solutions through contracted printing and manufacturing vendors
    03/1975 - 11/1989
    Associate Publisher: I managed operations of a monthly city magazine, including:
    • Coordination of design, production, sales, circulation and business functions and staff
    • Projection and analysis of departmental and corporate budgets
    • Negotiation and contracting with prepress, printing, paper, and other vendors

    Design Director: I directed editorial and advertising design and production for a monthly city magazine, including:
    • Management of design and production staff
    • Oversite of the design and art direction of all publications and collateral materials
    • Purchasing of printing, paper and color separations
    Responsible for the development, management and implementation of the college's strategic marketing and communication plan, including initiatives relating to teaching, research, service, student organizations and alumni and donor relations.
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  • Educational Background
    1967 - 1971

    Leadership positions in several campus governmental and social organizations.

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