• General Summary
    Shante Traynham
    Shante Traynham
    CEO at Shaya's Media Group
    New York City Et Périphérie, États-Unis
    LocationNew York City et périphérie, États-Unis
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  • Biography
    We at Shaya's fashion music group (SFMG) are dedicated to the growth of up coming designers and artist in this industry of fashion and music.
    The group is a team of skilled and professional individuals that have been in the industry under...
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  • Professional Experience
    04/2010 - Present
    Shaya's Media Group (SMG) have increased manifold as the media today shapes the thoughts and aspirations of people, besides influencing opinions in the country .”Media is only increasing and its platform has increased from print to radio, electronic and the Internet. Media in one form or the other, particularly the electronic media, has today penetrated dramatically to every home. In many ways media shapes our thoughts and SMG makes it all manifest. SMG was founded by Shante Traynham to create, develop, acquire, sell, and produce all forms of media, including scripted and unscripted television, film, digital media and books.At SMG, we know you have options for information, entertainment and thought. We want to be your first choice. We also understand that trust must be earned.It's our hope that people of principle will choose to bring us into their homes and lives on a daily basis. After all, we champion values that have been cherished by good people from diverse backgrounds for centuries. Standards like integrity, loyalty, and a desire to treat everyone with dignity and respect. We are committed to being a trusted media source and adding to the sum of good in the worldShaya's Media Group is dedicated to providing outside entities access to Standard Media's professional experience for all facets of their media and business projects -- from concept and development, to production and implementation.
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  • Milestones

    Business woman of the year Awarded 2006, Who's Who Award 2007, Fashion Focus Award 2007.

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