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    Steve Boulton-Wallace
    Steve Boulton-Wallace
    GM, Global Marketing Strategy, Intelligence and Analytics at Microsoft
    Greater Seattle
    LocationGreater Seattle
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    04/2009 - Present
    Marketing strategy, market research, competitive intelligence and analytics for Interactive Entertainment Division.Lead team responsible for all market research, customer and business intelligence for entertainment products across screens (TV, Mobile, PC). Provided customer segmentation, product and marcom research for Kinect.Research includes concept and product development, brand and positioning development, pricing, value prop, and marketing execution. Business Intelligence covers everthing end-to-end, from opportunity identification, through market and competitive position insights, to customer lifecycle analysis, CRM, and customer retention.
    01/2008 - 04/2009
    ?Promoted to lead Direct Marketing and Customer Lifecycle Management for AT&T Consumer, now one of the largest direct marketing operations in the US. Accountable for all direct marketing for customer acquisition, cross-sell, upsell and retention, across all direct media for wireless, broadband, TV and landline products. This includes end-to-end ownership of everything needed to make direct work - customer analytics, offers, creative development and execution, call center operations, and database management, tools and application development for marketing.?Manage annual direct marketing budget of $400MM and lead a team of 200 marketing, analytic and technical professionals. Lead cross-functional offer management team.?Integrated 4 separate teams at merger and realized $50MM savings (12%) from marcom budget while improving sales volume 24% over the prior year. Developed media mix model to optimize value returned from media spend.
    10/2006 - 01/2008
    ?Lead Customer Lifecycle Management for the merged AT&T and Cingular companies. Accountable for delivering company churn target for all Mobility consumer segments and products, and delivering $200mm of incremental revenue from existing customers. Managed staff of 100 marketing, technical, analytic and operational professionals, and over 2000 call center staff. Responsible for campaign development and management, product/ offer development, customer analysis and modeling, database management, marketing infrastructure development and inbound/ outbound call center operations. Develop all customer base communications to 72 million consumers, with budget of $100MM.?Delivered the company?s best ever churn performance by Q1 2006 and then every quarter to date, to ensure positive net growth relative to competitors.?Recognized by CEO for role in delivering over $300mm in annualized operating income improvement.?Developed processes and customer communications for new Apple iPhone.
    06/2002 - 01/2007
    06/2002 - 10/2006
    09/2000 - 06/2002
    Directed global marketing for a high-tech start-up, providing personalized on-demand media technologies to broadcasters, service providers and consumer device manufacturers. Promoted to the Executive Leadership Team to contribute to business strategy, management and policy.?Conducted competitive analysis and extensive primary research to develop the marketing and product strategy, identify routes to market and strategic partners. Ultimately, helped position the company to secure a $200 million patent license deal, 4 strategic partnerships, and significant media coverage.?Created new brand identity and messaging to position the company as a leading media technology provider. Controlled the marketing mix to launch the brand. Lead marketing, engineering, and business development teams to launch the world?s first broadcast ?Personal Radio? solution and interactive program guide, showcasing partner content from the likes of NBC, ABC, CNN, NPR, PBS, Disney and the BBC.
    04/1997 - 09/2000
    Created customer strategy for the UK?s leading wireless service provider. Developed retention & revenue generation strategies and 3 year op plan, securing budget of $150MM p.a. Implemented plan to achieve the highest customer lifetime values and lowest churn (19% p.a.) of all UK wireless providers. Contributed to customer growth from under 1mm to over 10mm, moving market share from 3rd to 1st place.?Developed and managed key customer products through their lifecycle with full P&L responsibility (revenues in excess of $165 million). ?Developed customer contact strategy and materials covering all interactions, from welcome calls to retention programs, including all mailing and POS material. Generated incremental revenue in excess of $150 million p.a.?Re-engineered business & consumer call centers. Cut process times up to 50%, reduced inbound calls 12% and won JD Power Customer Satisfaction Award 2 years in succession.
    09/1995 - 04/1997
    ?Managed client-company team to develop value-based segmentation for 1-2-1, a UK wireless co. (now T-Mobile). Developed model to understand customer loyalty and used activity based costing to build segments, resulting in new pricing and service plans.?Developed marketing strategy for Portugal?s leading wireless co.? Telecel (Airtouch). Directed comprehensive market research and cross-industry benchmarking for marketing processes to inform positioning, advertising, and new product devpt. Launched to much critical acclaim.?Lead team to create marketing strategy for a UK energy company being deregulated. Designed innovative research program to identify needs-based segments, and used this to develop positioning, pricing and products. Wrote 5yr marketing plan and identified strategic alliances to position company for market share growth. Company is now UK?s largest energy provider, and the work is held up as a case study of marketing excellence by leading UK Business School.
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