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  • Professional Experience
    02/2006 - 07/2008
    --Responsible for bill of material setup and maintenance which includes writing visual basic script to ensure orders are released to the production floor correctly and making any necessary adjustments to current bills.
    --Aid the Production Control department in pulling information from the manufacturing software into an Access database to make reporting necessary information readily available when needed. I have been able to save over 5 hours of work per day by setting up queries that pull specific data automatically, eliminating manual data entry.
    --Responsible for writing work instructions for every process in the department, which meant being trained on each job performed.
    --Provide backup to the following positions: Production Scheduler (using modular software to schedule, optimize and execute a daily production batch), Data Entry, Invoicing, Order Routing and Production Control Supervisor during a co-workers absence or when help is needed.
    07/2003 - 02/2006
    --Took on the role of Purchasing Assistant with only a week of training when the company moved to Ohio.
    --Responsible for assisting the Purchasing Manager and 3 Senior Buyers with maintaining purchase orders, filing, checking order status, and filling in wherever needed. Acted as Senior Buyer while maintaining my own job for 6 weeks while a Buyer was on medical leave.
    --Acted as the liaison between the purchasing department and production control regarding order quantities, inventory levels, and cancellation of orders.
    --Solely responsible for ordering and maintaining office supplies for entire company. Created a database to track and maintain all supplies. This database made it possible for staff to check inventory and request supplies. The staff could request the supplies needed and the inventory would be updated automatically. Also giving management the reporting ability of dollar amount spent throughout any given time.
    12/2002 - 07/2003
    --Responsible for IT functions in a small office setting. This included maintaining/troubleshooting server/client relations. Repairing server/client failures after virus attack. Updating MRP system through Microsoft SQL.
    --Acted as the Customer Service Representative for two major accounts, which included delivering orders on time, routing deliveries, maintaining inventory, various reporting to the Customer, which included using the current MRP system with Microsoft SQL to manipulate data into an Excel spreadsheet, bill of lading preparation, and billing the Customer.
    --Trained to program the MRP system to work with the website to aid Customers in order entry, inventory levels, and order delivery. This software used Visual Basic and allowed the ability to reprogram to suite our needs.
    --Due to my experience with ISO procedures and work instructions I became responsible for writing all procedure manuals to explain in detail each Customer Service Support role.
    08/2002 - 04/2003
    --Answering multi-line phone system.
    --Involved with creating databases for tracking employee information. Including a database, which aided Human Resources in the new hire application review process.
    --Responsible for creating an application to assist with extracting and reporting information from current software using Microsoft FoxPro and Access.
    --Assisted the Quality Assurance Department with creating a database to easily locate procedures and work instructions for ISO awareness. Pin pointed areas within work instructions that would need revising before becoming ISO compliant.
    --Responsible for creating a program to use in production process to aid management in determining if orders are being manufactured as promised.
    --Even though I left the company full time in December of 2002 I remained on their payroll to aid in the completion of a project. I did so from home and I was trusted with company documentation and to turn in my time worked accordingly.
    04/2002 - 08/2002
    --Involved in interacting with the Customer, up selling of products, maintaining a level of integrity when involved with serving alcohol, and maintaining cleanliness.
    06/1999 - 04/2002
    --After being employed with the company only 2 months I assisted other employees with learning the new MRP computer system. I also assisted with finding and correcting errors within the system to help the company function.
    --Involved in Inventory Control, which consisted of maintaining a count on stock items and updating our computer system for accurate inventory control. Helped the Inventory Manager cut lost inventory cost by seventy percent over four months.
    --Assisted with input of new items into our MRP system, which was the sole responsibility of the Industrial Engineering Department.
    --Responsible for bringing my department up to date for ISO 9002. I also trained to be an ISO Champion.
    --Created multiple Microsoft Access Database’s to help maintain plant records. Created a stand-alone program using Visual Basic to aid the plant in recording and presenting information to management.
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  • Educational Background
    1997 - 1999

    --Attended Kent State University to achieve 2 out of 4 years towards a Business/Computer Science Degree. I eventually wanted to earn a degree in Software Engineering.--Course’s completed include: Networking, Operating Systems, Visual Basic 6.0, Advanced Database Design, Internet and Dream Weaver Web Page Design.--Earned and maintained a 4.0 grade point average at Kent State University while attending courses part-time.

    1990 - 1992

    --Course’s completed include: Java Script, HTML, DOS I, Advanced Microsoft Office 97, and Operating Systems.

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