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    Tzameret Fuerst
    Tzameret Fuerst
    CEO / Social Entrepreneur
    New York City Et Périphérie, États-Unis
    LocationNew York City et périphérie, États-Unis
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    In March 2009, I will reinvent myself again, as I start a new and fascinating career in the hottest industry in the country - distressed real estate. I sought out a reputable, honest and seasoned company in this space, and found that and much more...
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    01/2010 - Present
    After 20 years of research, a vaccine for HIV is still a moving target. In 2007, the World Health Organization and UNAIDS cited that circumcised men reduce their risk of HIV by 60% in high risk, HIV affected areas such as Sub Saharan Africa. We have created the PrePex device for safe, simple and scalable adult male circumcision in resource limited settings. The non-surgical procedure is bloodless, requires no injected anesthesia, no sutures and can be conducted by minimally skilled, yet properly trained nurses, in non-sterile settings.Multiple clinical studies conducted by the Government of Rwanda have proven the safety, efficacy, superiority over surgical male circumcision and simplicity in the hands of low cadre nurses. The device is under formal review of the World Health Organization, to enable broad adoption in the developing world.
    07/1999 - 07/2003
    (NEW YORK) Provider of visualization solutions for the web, initially via advanced 3D animation compression technology. The company, which raised close to $60M, was backed by Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Mellon and RealNetworks [Nasdaq: RNWK]. Acquired by ChannelAdvisor.com.

    Pitched, secured and advised national multi-channel retailers such as Coach, Neiman Marcus, HSN and David's Bridal.

    Developed and managed a community site targeting 3D animators.
    10/1997 - 04/1998
    (ISRAEL) Israel's largest manufacturer and wholesaler of plastic consumer goods, selling to major retailers in Europe and in the US (Home Depot, Costco, Target). Worked in publicly traded subsidiary, Lipski.
    01/1996 - 09/1997
    (ISRAEL) Top 5 advertising agency. Strategic marketing and advertising adviser to multinational clients including Procter & Gamble, Energizer, Nokia and Holiday Inn.
    Built up the company’s Internet Department in 1996 becoming the first advertising agency in Israel to offer a full, in-house solution.
    12/1994 - 12/1995
    (ISRAEL) Consulted firms on strategic database marketing, leveraging in-house call center and direct mailing fulfillment services.
    01/1991 - 06/1994
    (ISRAEL) Assisted in forecasting sales, developing quotas for the sales team, conducting competitive analysis and developing point-of-sale displays in family owned business, while studying full time.
    Peak Financial Partners offers a full service solution for managing distressed real estate assets, through a network of companies all owned by two individuals with a 19 year track record in the default industry. Check: www.peakfp.com for details.

    For Hedge Fund Managers/Private Investors/Regional Banks: a one-stop-shop for outsourcing your portfolio of non-performing assets. Includes creative collection and loss mitigation strategies, foreclosure proceedings and complete asset disposition.

    For Real Estate Brokers or Agents: we work with you to locate and offer solutions for distressed homeowners, investors and commercial property owners.

    For Individual Homeowners/Investors: we offer multiple strategies to help you through your distressed situation or to understand if you qualify for Obama’s new refinancing plan. We also offer 1031 exchange, escrow services and more.

    For Real Estate Developers: we offer bridge loans, JV’s and 1031 exchange.
    (NEW YORK) A program created with the goal of building a national network of parents who are interesting in creating and developing an Israeli and Jewish identity for their children who are growing up in the USA. www.israeliness.org
    (NEW YORK) Dor Chadash (www.dorchadashusa.org) is a dynamic and exponentially growing network of over 12,500 Israeli and American Jews who come together to celebrate their mutual passion for Israel. We present over 40 events a year, centered around Israeli culture and contemporary life, ranging from intimate gatherings of 12 people to mega celebrations attracting over 3,000 participants in NYC (such as the Community Wide Israeli Independence Day and Tikkun Leil Shavuot).

    A proud founding member. As Chairwoman (2006-2009), led the local organization to become a national model for engaging a new generation of Israeli and American Jews, starting with the expansion to Los Angeles in Q2 2009.
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