• General Summary
    Vagish Dwivedi
    Vagish Dwivedi
    Director - Solutions at Cisco Systems
    Mumbai, India
    LocationMumbai, India
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  • Professional Experience
    01/2005 - Present
    Global Lead for System Engineering (Global Accounts) -Responsible for solution delivery and presales support to country Global service provider customers. Managing and Leading team of Global consultants and solution architects providing solution. Responsible for designing solutions and services for service providers & their Enterprise customers.
    01/2003 - 01/2005
    Engineered and rolled out support delivery model through partners for customers in countryInstrumental in Developing strategic partnership with Nortel Solution ProvidersCreated procedures and policies for country network supportRefined direct support delivery model for networking customers in country to support mission critical accountsCreated Network audit and security audit services model and white paper for delivering these services for HP IndiaManaged 16-member team of networking experts responsible for providing proactive and reactive support and designing solutions for country customersLead effort to obtain Cisco Systems Gold Partner VAR
    01/2002 - 01/2003
    Supervised all facets of 40-member staff of Customer engineers responsible for providing proactive and reactive solutionsCreated Account Management methodology,Designed/Implemented major networking (security/voice) projects
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