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    Victor A. Heredia
    Victor A. Heredia
    Managing Partner at Trione Resources S.A. de C.V.
    Phoenix, Arizona
    LocationPhoenix, Arizona
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    11/2011 - Present
    Trione Resources S.A de C.V. is Mexican mining company based in Mexico City. Set up in 2011, the company is today amongst Mexico's newest and most respected iron ore mining companies.With mining operations located in the mineral-rich area is Colima & Jalisco the company's trades in iron ore lumps and fines, with Fe content between 62-66 per cent, among the best quality available in the country. Technological expertise is one of the company's key strengths. Trione endeavors to create high value for customers, which is evident in its strong distribution network and customer service. Its focus on R&D and investment has enabled it to attain a global position and reach setting a new precedent for quality iron ore exports in Mexico .
    01/2011 - Present
    Keith Aaron Entertainment creates mobile businesses for the entertainment industry i.e. Actors/Actresses, Celebrities, Athletes, Las Vegas Show and Casino's with our unique and proprietary marketing platform. SpecialtiesMarketing, PR, Branding
    02/2010 - Present
    General ContractorCommercial and ResidentialRestorationCustom Home remodeling.
    02/2010 - Present
    The Athlone Group, a private equity company involved in the Oil and Energy sector and is also now focusing on Humanitarian projects in, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Punjab (India), Africa, Kazakistan and Mexico.SpecialtiesHelping those countries that need our help! Focusing on complex structured financial models. 90% of Athlone Group's profit will be poured back into Humanitarian projects around the world.
    01/2007 - Present
    Mercatura Group strives to be a reliable and competitive partner in the commodity markets in which we serve as consultants and facilitators.We currently partner with clients (buyers) and suppliers (sellers) from around the world which operate in a wide range of industries. Our methodology and code of ethic ensures professionalism throughout our business activities in all areas of Commodities Trading, Finance (Private Equity& Venture Capital), Energy and Agriculture. Currently our focus is securing private equity for startups and film projects as well as trading in Iron Ore and Scrap Metal.*formerly H&M World Trading
    10/2004 - Present
    Wholesale Distributor of Fresh Produce
    02/1999 - Present
    Sales Consultant for Coliman Group in US and International Markets.We are growers, packers and shipper of fresh agricultural products such as Bananas, Avocado and Key Lime in the US, Europe & Asia.
    02/2010 - 09/2011
    The Athlone Group, a private equity company involved in the Oil and Energy sector with projects in Saudi Arabia, Punjab (India), Africa, Kazakistan and Mexico.
    01/2008 - 01/2009
    Purchaser / Broker of privately held residential and commercial Mortgage and Business Notes.
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