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  • Biography
    I am trading stocks since 2002. I am in great interest in stock market since I enroled to High school of Economics. I have my own managed found. I have my own stock portfolio. I am self-learning about forex capital markets. I also put a lot of...
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  • Professional Experience
    10/2008 - Present
    This is currently my main company. It is functioning on the cleaning service market. I am planing to establish a new company which will in combination with this one represent the capital base for a multinational ecological European company.
    10/2007 - Present
    I independently trade FOREX capital market.
    01/2007 - Present
    Seasonal job, which provides me additional funds.
    My own company, cleaning service. Sadly didn't work as planed.
    Working there paralel with my studies
    I was working there paralely with my studies. Becouse of the night shifts i didn't manage it, as I had clases in the morning, so i quited.
    I got the job at the Casino Bled, so i quited the job, as the other was better paied.
    A seasonal job during academic break.
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  • Educational Background
    2001 - 2009

    Extra-activity: Students stock exchange project (imaginative money trading)

    2007 - 2008

    I attended this university as an Erasmus student for one academic year.

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