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    Vinod Singh
    Vinod Singh
    At RefriedMouse
    Noida, India
    Place of birthDelhi, India
    LocationNoida, India
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    Technology Business and Delivery Head with 20+ years of experience of Integrating Planning Process, Creating Development and Operational Plans, Developing Planning teams, Creating Financial and Business Plans, Conceptualizing Organization...
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  • Professional Experience
    05/2010 - Present
    Defining and building how users will interact with info-digital devices.
    05/2007 - 03/2009
    Responsible for engaging the Board in a strategic vision and buy-in for next Software Initiatives. In order to achieve this, Vinod had led the Technology Selection, Hiring plan and recruitment, Team mentoring & skills development, adding additional business streams, Vendor management, Enhancing Consumer experience for the online business, leading the customization and implementation of mid-office systems, Lead control and management systems.Restructured the IT Vendors, and in-house software and infrastructure teams with a sharper focus to business objective and effective output. Times Internet Limited (www.indiatimes.com) is the leading Internet and Media portal in India. This is a Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd group company.
    01/2006 - 01/2008
    08/2005 - 04/2007
    Responsible for the development of the Concept, Developing the systems, web promotion and marketing for this new business start-up. Actively tried to secure the funding and speaking to Investors. Negotiated with UK, US and Indian Vendors to source content, integrate technology and shaping commercial deals.Set up the off-shore development facility, hiring the technology team, training the team on new tech trends, architecting the solution, leading the development concepts, ownership of P&L. Allcheckin is a meta search engine targeted at UK and European leisure travel customers.
    05/2002 - 07/2005
    Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development. Development of Build Operate Transfer and outsourcing options for clients.Advising outsourcing strategy on formation of corporations and business structures, drafting operation plans and structuring commercial transactions.Navastar (UK) Ltd is BPO consulting and advisory company.
    01/2000 - 05/2002
    Strategic directions on IT procedures, developing UK business and references, Tech hiring. Can give valuable advice if you need to be associated with TechDrive Inc and Raj Singh.
    01/2000 - 05/2002
    Strategic directions on IT procedures, developing UK business and references.Can give valuable advice if you need to be associated with Seacom and Ajay Aggarwal.
    01/2000 - 01/2002
    Head of European IT, consolidation of Technologies for 10 European companies and their convergence to common platform, development of additional online streams, downsizing and restructuring of IT teams, IT off-shoring strategy and implementation.Helped in setting up the Tech Architecture & Framework, Deciding and Establishing UK India Connectivity, IT Budget for India (Offshore) operations, Selection of IT Managers, Deployment of Development and ITES process from UK to India.Ebookers is a leading European online travel provider.
    01/1999 - 01/2000
    Organisation Setup, Hiring and development of tech resources, business development, Software services and Programme Management.Isolis was a software development and consulting company based in UK and Singapore.
    01/1987 - 01/1999
    VARIOUS ROLES:Team Lead for Software development - Commercial and Bilingual systems. Hiring and Developing HO and Regional Tech Support Teams Business Development of European Software and Services Business Development and Delivery of Software solutions for US, Singapore, Japan.PCL is an IT company with interests in Software development and consulting, Computer sales.
    01/1987 - 01/1999
    01/1985 - 01/1987
    Software Development for accounting systems, bilingual (English and Hindi) applications, astrological software interface. Softek is a software product development company.
    Business Plan for new initiatives.Strategic Plan for User Targeting in Tier-2/3 CitiesOperations PlanMulti Lingual Implementations
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  • Educational Background
    N/A - 1985
    1973 - 1981
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    Reading Fiction and Spiritual
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