• General Summary
    Wahyu Eko Priyo Utomo
    Wahyu Eko Priyo Utomo
    [Mining, Cement, Quarry] Heavy Equipment Manager at PT. Gama Group "SEMEN MERAH PUTIH"
    Greater Jakarta, Indonesia
    LocationGreater Jakarta, Indonesia
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  • Professional Experience
    04/2011 - Present
    •Responsible for Mining & Heavy Equipment Management (selection, acquisition, operation, maintenance, replacement) of New Integrated Cement Plant to ensure raw material is supplied for 10,000 ton per day production at Bayah distric, Lebak, Banten. Total investment USD 600 Million. PT. Gama Group is producer of cement product marketed under the brand name “Semen Merah Putih”. It will be largest single line cement plant in Indonesia.•To ensure that the quarry production of crushed Limestone, Clay and Silica at Quarry can proceed according to set production schedules & quality, and that the operation are carried out safely and comply statutory requirements.•Develop a long-term & mid-term plan for quarry, capital & operational expenditur budgets and execution.•Develop and execute project execution strategies for limestone and clay quarry. Quarry development, build an organization, strategy, and procedure in Mining Division PT. Sarana Agra Gemilang, Subsidiary of PT. Gama Group, that has Joint Operation Agreement with PT. Semen Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur, to ensure raw material is supplied for 1,000 ton per day cement production. Total investment USD 100 Million. The cement product marketed under brand name “Semen Kupang”. (April –August 2011).Subsidiary of Ganda & Wilmar Group
    11/2006 - 04/2011
    •Manage all technical issues related to the development and review of Customer Support Agreements, budget repair options and equipment management strategy for the Mining Division’s Equipment Management Group. •Deploy & review Maintenance Strategy Reference (MSR) and Fleet Support (regular visit, problem solving and communication management relates to MARC). Conduct Site Assessment for existing MARC (Maintenance And Repair Contract) project and Strategic Customer (Business Development).•Monitoring and Controlling for 8 Coal Mining Sites, 316 pcs CAT fleet, USD 250 Million of MARC Projects.
    07/2002 - 10/2006
    •Managed the job maintenance planning function comprising scheduling and planning the PM, PCR, backlog, and health activities of 113pcs - OHT793 & 12pcs - OHT797 CAT fleet, USD 800 Million of MARC Project•Organized all maintenance activities, equipment status and equipment performance data to permit the production of periodic and ad-hoc maintenance analysis reports (i.e. equipment defect lists & backlogs, downtime, availability, utilization and maintenance costs).•Re-design process flow PM, PCR, Backlog planning and daily operation, breakdown process.•Analyzed equipment performance, mechanical availability, utilization, MTBS, MTTR, MTFSaPM, PM accuracy, & maintenance ratio.
  • Educational Background
    2007 - 2009

    Thesis : Balanced Scorecard and Hoshin Kanri Generic Modeling which Has Capabilities on Fitting the Dynamics of Strategic’s Management in Heavy Equipment IndustryCourses:- System Thinking- Industrial Statistic- Industrial Strategic- Total Quality Management (TQM)- Quality Management System- Marketing Management- Engineering Economics- Finance & Banking- Information Management System- Quantitative Management- Operational Management- Knowledge Management- Maintenance & Reliability Management- Organization & Human Resources- Logistics System & Transport Design- Policy Analysis- Experimental Design

    1997 - 2001

    Thesis: A Comparative Analysis of the Steam Power Cogeneration System Performance Between Extraction Back Pressure Turbine and Extraction Condensing Turbine in Paper Industry

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