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  • Biography
    Writing, editing, public readings of my poetry, author event expertise, writing workshop leader, antiquarian book appraisals, literary consultations, and most recently, the marketing of my new play, "Epistles: A Love Story," for the purposes of...
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  • Professional Experience
    01/2004 - 08/2008
    Besides being a well-published poet and writer, including newly becoming a playwright, I am a highly regarded book professional, and teacher, with a strong community focus and extensive experience in the humanities, cultural programs, management, and grants within the arts.
    10/1998 - 03/2002
    Precipitated a donation of over twenty-five thousand dollars of non-returnable books to the Connecticut Department of Corrections. Planned and implemented active event schedule, that included U.S. poet laureates Billy Collins and Donald Hall, members of the Trinity College faculty, and other writers and artists. Developed all aspects of events from inviting artists and writers, preparing press releases, writing introductions, and organizing receptions and faculty dinners.
    I recently completed a finished working script of a play, entitled "Epistles: A Love Story" (84pp.; Two Acts; Twelve Scenes in each Act; including Stage Directions and Appendix.). Queries from reputable stage companies regarding a reading of the play for the purposes of production and performance are welcome.
  • Educational Background
    1971 - 1972

    Although I left school to pursue a career as a bookseller and bookstore manager, which is how I have largely made my livelihood for over the past three decades, I am a self-proclaimed autodidact. However, I must acknowledge that I was, indeed, a part of the Yale University community from 1971 through 1979, especially with respect to my contributions as a bookseller and a writer of some distinction.

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  • Milestones

    Fellowships in Poetry from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts (1978, 2003); Mentor for "Night of Fresh Voices," Sunken Garden Poetry Festival (2001-2003); Solo Reading in the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival (2003); Poet-in-Residence, Fort Juniper, the Robert Francis Homestead (1998, 2003-2005); Inaugural Reader, "To See the Summer Sky Is Poetry" series, Emily Dickinson Homestead (2004); Nominated to the Curbstone Press Editorial Advisory Board by the late Co-Director of the Press, Alexander Taylor (2006); Chosen as one of six finalists from New England and New York to read their work in the 40th Anniversary Northeast Modern Language Association Convention in Boston in February 2009.

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