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  • Professional Experience
    08/2008 - 03/2009
    •Directed all grassroots activities
    •Established a Romney for President organization in all 55 counties
    •Traveled statewide to meet with party leaders in an effort to recruit their support/endorsements
    •Represented Gov. Romney at all party functions and meetings in an effort to communicate issues and general information
    •Helped to establish coalition groups
    •Negotiated with Legislators on campaign issues and strategy
    •Helped to develop strategy plans (communication with voters, party officials, and legislators)
    07/2008 - 12/2008
    •Helped develop advertisements and messaging
    •Worked with associations to recruit their support/endorsements
    •Contacted and recruited county leaders statewide to assist with grassroots plan
    •Advised scheduler on targeted counties, activities
    •Used contacts around the state to gain earned media opportunities
    •Scheduled and briefed surrogates to re[resent the candidate when scheduling conflicts occurred
    •Represented the candidate at events/functions
    01/2007 - 01/2007
    •Worked daily with College of Law Dean in planning of his events and fundraising priorities
    •Assisted the Assistant Dean with all fundraising campaigns for the College of Law
    •Coordinated events within the College of Law
    •Implemented and planned first College of Law reception at The Greenbrier during the WV Bar Assoc meeting
    •Publicized College of Law events to law school, university and community members
    • Responsible for press relations for events, wrote, edited and distributed the Alumni Newsletter
    •Worked with the West Virginia University Foundation on-campus development projects
    •Recruited high level donors to endow a $25,000 scholarship fund
    06/2006 - 12/2006
    •And For the Sake of the Kids was an independent expenditure campaign focused on winning a republican majority in the West Virginia House of Delegates
    •Managed volunteer activities and recruitment for five house of delegates candidates in a three county area
    •Managed a team of four field directors in the northern part of the state
    •Acted as a liaison between local republican groups and the campaign
    •Communicated our campaign goals locally through speeches, press releases and letters to voters
    01/2005 - 01/2006
    •Confidential assistant to the Administrator of Rural Business
    •Organized and planned events including Rural Development Anniversary Celebration. This included recruiting speakers, writing press releases, sending invitations, and publicizing the event to our targeted community
    •Assisted the Administrator with reports that were submitted to the Under Secretary for Rural Development
    •Assisted Administrator with presenting ideas to Secretary of Agriculture and Under Secretary for Rural Development
    •Recruited academic grant reviewers and helped to publicize the grants available under the USDA Rural Business programs
    09/2005 - 12/2005
    •Director of all grassroots activities
    •Assistant for fundraising efforts
    •Assistant to campaign manager for campaign organization and campaign strategy
    •Hired, trained, supervised and mentored a team of field/territory representatives
    •Attended candidate functions and meetings on behalf of the campaign in an effort to communicate issues and general information about the candidate/campaign
    •Created and managed a database of over 20,000 voters. From this list all walk lists, phone lists and voter targeting were created
    •Organized all 72 Hour Activities (an aggressive grassroots effort 72 hours before Election Day)
    •Recruited, organized and effectively utilized an 85 member group of Generation Joshua students from all around the country to implement the GOTV (Get Out The Vote) plan
    12/2004 - 02/2005
    •Coordinator of volunteer activities for convention center galas
    •Recruited, trained and organized over 300 volunteers
    •Managed interns and motivated them to help the team succeed in volunteer recruitment goals
    05/2004 - 12/2004
    •Developed and implemented Bush-Cheney ‘04 campaign plan in targeted region
    •Organized all grassroots Get Out The Vote activities
    •Recruited, trained and supervised a team of volunteers to assist with daily field operations
    •Executed the National 72-Hour plan in eight counties while recruiting over 250 high school students from my region to use in all parts of the state
    •Helped Victory 2004 and Presidential Events staff host a 25,000 person Presidential rally in Parkersburg. This included finding a venue, press, choosing speakers and greeters and managing the crowds
    •Recruited, trained and managed 350 volunteers for the Presidential Rally
    •Acted as a liaison between coalition groups and the campaign
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  • Educational Background
    1999 - 2004

    Extra-activity: Zeta Tau Alpha

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