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    Phil Masiello
    Phil Masiello
    Entrepreneur and Brand Visionary, President & Founder 800Razors.com,llc
    Washington D.C. Metro
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    Also known asphilipmasiello
    Place of birthNew York
    LocationWashington D.C. Metro
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    Entrepreneur, Brand & Startup builder. Developer of disruptive business models in the consumer space.
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    12/2012 - Present

    There are some irritating things in life we all just have to accept. Traffic. The flu. Potato chip bags that look full until you open them and find it was all just air.

    Buying razors used to be on that list. After all, the good ones are very expensive for some reason. The bad ones, well, who wants to shave with a bad razor? The way we see it, until now, we all only had two irritating options:


    Go to the drugstore and price out your favorite razors. That decimal point seems like it should be one space to the left, doesn't it? Why do good razors cost so much? We can't even tell you ourselves, and we're in the business.


    There's no denying that some razors are better than others. And you pay for that quality. Let's face it, the cheaper options are a blood-bath just waiting to happen so you're almost forced to fork over a ton of dough to keep your money-maker intact.

    At 800razors.com, we gave this a lot of thought, and over the past few years, we have forged relationships with some of the biggest names in the business to come up with the world's first


    Introducing our signature promise



    "You Can’t Get a Better Shave at a Better Price. Guaranteed."


    Our blades are Made in the USA from the finest steel

    We offer 5 blades or 3 Blades

    All of our blades have a lubricating strip fortified with Vitamin E and Aloe to reduce skin irritation and help the blades glide smoothly across your face.

    Enhanced pivoting action for hard-to-reach areas and ergonomic comfort.


    Our price to quality ratio is secondary to none.

    Have it your way:

    Sign up with our Auto-Ordering option and receive razors every month without ever lifting a finger again.

    Don't want a back-log of razors taking up valuable bathroom drawer space? No problem. You can order single shipments too.

    04/2007 - Present
    Sales Channels is a dynamic company that specializes in marketing celebrity and consumer brands on DRTV, TV shopping channels and infomercials.
    04/2008 - 12/2012

    Say NO to chemicals, say YES to healthy skin! Raw Essentials products are pure and do not contain any synthetic chemicals, parabens or laurel sulfates. We go beyond natural or organic skin care with a special low temperature manufacturing process that retains the vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for healthy looking skin.

    02/2004 - 10/2011
    Business Intelligence for the retail channel to make intelligent and profitable merchandising supply chain decisions.
    01/2004 - 04/2008
    Consumer Brand development and marketing company.Drove the strategic planning, sales, marketing and operations for this $90 million annual sales consumer product sales and marketing company with product placements in Technology, Health and Wellness, Natural, Grocery and Hardlines. •Managed the $90 million operating budget with over 100 product lines in 8 distinct product categories.•Trained the 10 person sales group on relationship selling and strategic selling techniques to achieve the brand objectives for the key customers Ahold, Food Lion, Supervalu, Publix, Harris Teeter, Lowes Food, Home Depot, Lowes, Family Dollar, Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, Duane Reade and other regional chains in the mid-atlantic and southeast.•Reduced operating costs by 11.2% in 2 years through streamlining product lines and focusing the organization on profitable sales drivers.•Developed products for alternative channels, using quantitative and qualitative data on consumer needs and expectations to increase revenues 18% for a 3 year period.•Led annual strategic planning sessions, as well as the quarterly follow up sessions to ensure deliverables were being met on time.
    10/2001 - 01/2004
    Developed the rebranding strategy for this 120 plus convenience food retailer to a grab and go food and fuel company. Developed programs to shift profits from cigarettes and convenience grocery to grab and go fresh food, sandwiches and snacks.
    01/1997 - 01/2001
    Developed and executed the strategic sales, marketing, merchandising and operating plans for the $400 million annual sales, Fresh Food division within this150-store, 7 state supermarket retailer focusing on quality perishables and a high level of service in a cutting edge store design.•Turned around a money losing division, increasing profits over 50% year after year by changing the manufacturing and distribution processes.•Reduced labor costs 15% and enhanced consistency to the customer by creating programs that streamlined execution of product delivery processes.•Expanded customer purchase penetration from 27% of existing customers to 43% and increased identical sales for the division $30 million annually by designing and implementing innovative marketing techniques. •Developed and executed a new brand that elevated the Fresh Food area of the store and provided a solution for “What’s for Dinner Tonight.”
    07/1996 - 04/1999
    Conceptualized this innovative, upscale chain of 5 urban meal stores in the Washington, DC market, focused on “meals to go” for customers on their way to and from work. Developed the brand from a business plan to raising capital to an operating company.•Raised over $4 million in capital from a Fortune 500 company to refine the brand model and prepare for expansion.•Grew the company from a business plan to a 5 store operating company in 2 years.•Used innovative supply chain processes, partnering with manufacturers, achieving unit level profit of 9.6% on annual sales of $1.5 million per store.•Engaged by an investment company to integrate the brand and strategic supply chain model into the supermarket division of a Fortune 500 company resulting in improved sales and profits.•Successfully engineered the sale of the company.
    04/1995 - 05/1996
    Developed and implemented the infrastructure for the prepared foods division of this Boston area grocery retailer. •Developed the operating systems and core processes for this division.•Hired and trained the core staff of buyers, merchants and production staff•Opened the production facilities in 8 stores in 12 months.•Implemented the core merchandising plans and formats for the division.
    01/1989 - 01/1995
    A High end, high service level, specialty retailer operating under the Sutton Place Gourmet, Balducci’s, and Hay Day Market banners. Increased levels of responsibility, from Store Manager, Director of Manufacturing to Vice President. Managed many aspects of this retail company as it grew from 2 stores in the Washington, DC market, to operating 15+ stores in DC, MD, VA, NY and CT. .•Opened and successfully managed the first store outside of the core market area exceeding the sales forecast by 9.3% and the profitability target by 7.6%. •Added incremental revenue of over $1 million by developing alternative channels of distribution for the companies’ products mainly in the catalog and mall kiosk business segments.•Increased overall company profitability 11% by managing and directing investments in manufacturing facilities•Worked closely with the CEO and CFO in raising expansion capital to support the growth of the company.•Managed the merchandising and sales mix of product as the company grew from 2 to 15 stores
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