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    Shoury Gupta
    Shoury Gupta
    Co- Founder at Turntable Productions
    New Delhi, India
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    LocationNew Delhi, India
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    Looking for a job
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    A theatre enthusiast running a production house and trying to study Eco(H) at Shri Ram College of Commerce, DU.
  • Professional Experience
    01/2012 - Present

    •Started a production house to bring commercial worth to theatre as performing arts and incorporate it as a form of entertainment. Turntable Productions brings together students approaching expertise in finance, marketing and promotions, acting, directing, photography and event management together.

    08/2010 - Present
    Worked for academic, infrastructural and student welfare issues of the college; raising money as sponsorship for “Crossroads”, annual cultural festival and “Business Conclave”, the management festival. Also coordinated and anchored the fashion night, Inferno 2011.
    08/2010 - Present
    -Directed an English comedy play “Gossip” which was performed at Short + Sweet Theatre Festival, organised by the Australian High Commission and was widely acclaimed for its execution.-Member of the hugely successful English & Bilingual plays; “Inheritance of the Jhunjunwala’s” (2010-11), “The Experiment” (2010-11), “STOP.LOOK.BANG!” (2011) and “Three Blind Mice” (2011-12), which were appreciated at prestigious national and international theatre festivals throughout the country.
    07/2010 - Present
    Involved in conducting career workshops, establishing connections and marketing the college to HR Heads/Recruitment Heads, assessing job profiles, disseminating information to students and coordinating the placement process smoothly.
    08/2011 - 04/2012
    •Led a team of more than 100 individuals to organise the biggest college level theatre festival “Histrionica 2012” in India with a budget of Rupees Six Lakh; worked on event planning layout, execution and creative designing; handled companies, college administration, teams and judges.
    02/2011 - 09/2011
    AIESEC is the world’s largest student run organization, present in over 100 countries facilitating global internships and exchange summits. Led a team of six to eight people on the Entrepreneurship project for effective service delivery, client relationship management and business development. Recognised for exceptional performance in individual and team capacity.
    06/2011 - 07/2011
    Worked in the consultancy department. Researched on the Food Processing sector of India and to make a comprehensive report on it. The report covers study of food processing industry with respect to various economic aspects like growth, trade, government policies, study of major players etc.
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    Theatre, Hockey
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